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    ***Traders To Avoid*** (Contact charlesr if you have a query)

    If you come across any of the following people when buying or selling an item, please inform a Moderator or Admin [EDIT: Marcus is NOT staff any more - please contact a CURRENT mod or admin]


    If you have been the victim of a fraudulent transaction, please inform a member of the Moderator or Admin staff with full details of what happened, in particular any factual proof you may have that might help.

    Please ALWAYS read a users feeback before agreeing to any transaction.

    Real names are in RED
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    *Ashley Eskrett aka Ikaruga/MonStar/Cutsman/CutsmanUK/Jet Jag/Jairus
    Lives in Hull, UK. Has numerous outstanding debts on this forum (one in excess of ?200) and registers under different alias's. Also can be found on RLLMUK forum under the same usernames. Recently rejoined this forum under the username Cutsman.
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    *Paul Gatfield aka NemesisX
    Lives in Manchester, UK. Currently owes at least three people items which have been paid for but never sent out, despite numerous attempts at contacting him.
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    *Albert Josse aka aljosse
    Lives in Wembley Park, London, joined our forum with the intent to sell numerous games but caused all kinds of confusion with poor management of his sales and lack of response to PMs. Claims to of refunded all money sent, although this has not to date been confirmed.
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    kotatsuneko - Tried to sell a whole load of games saying he would only meet up with people in London to make the sale. Refused to use PM's so thread was constantly bumped. Arranged to meet people, but never turned up. Then said he would do things by post. Apparantly this happened on the old forums as well.

    *if anyone has his name and location please PM me (marcus)

    Can also be found at **** forums

    aka dan.ashcroft
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    James Norris aka Jay_83 area unknown

    Sold a Dreamcast to another member which was initially claimed to be lost in the post. After a while whereby he claimed to be seeking compensation, he than stated that the DC was in his possession after all. Despite further contact via emails and PMs since, to date he still has not sent the Dreamcast he has been paid for.

    NOTE, not to be confused with jeimuzu_uk who shares the same name.
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    Gregory Hansell aka gohan1239, Portsmouth

    Despite being paid ?60 for Dreamcast hardware and games, he still has not sent the items out despite numerous attempts to contact him. Additionally, he made excuse after excuse as to why he had not posted the items, eventually he has simply chosen to ignore PMs and emails sent via the site.

    NTSC-uk account banned.
    Known debts of ?60 unpaid to date.

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    Anthony Mcevoy aka JZ123, location unknown

    Sold various games on the forum, but never sent anything out to people who had paid. Provided buyers with fake Recorded delivery numbers. Did not reply to numerous attempts to contact him.

    NTSC-uk account banned.
    Known debts of ?85 unpaid to date.

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    Mark Ormerod aka Blondie, Troon in Cornwall.

    Purchased a game from another member but sent a cheque payable to the wrong name. The cheque was returned to Blondie who said he would sent a replacement which has never arrived, despite numerous attempts to contact him.

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    Barry Hitchings aka MD

    Currently owes at least three people psps plus games which have been paid for but never sent out, despite numerous attempts at contacting him. One of the members concerned has even tried contacting his place of work, where he was told Barry would be in Chicago for the fore-seeable future.

    Monies owed is ?700+ altogether

    Account banned until further notice.


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