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    |-|4ppy 81RT|-||)4y!!!11 tbfh!111

    Last edited by Saurian; 21-05-2004 at 11:00 AM.

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    Happy Birthday!!

    I just looked at the calender and theres at least one birthday a week...maybe we need a sticky thread for birthday wishes.

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    Yes another Happy Birthday you old git....

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    Happy birthday, Chad!!!111

    Happy birthday, dude. Have a good one.

    It's Friday. Get pissed. Now.

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    Bah, late to the party again. It was my B'day on Monday. Somebody, anybody, please say Happy Birthday to me, sniff, sniff.

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    Thanks again, peeps.

    It's just started slatting it down with hail here. FFS it's meant to be as good as summer now...

    Oh and happy birthday for monday Mr Nipple

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    Happy birthday, Chad, you big twat

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    Thank you Chad, & a Happy Birthday to you too.

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    Happy birthday!

    It was mine last friday i hit the big 15


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