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    Happy Birthday Reef.

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    Cheers 007 - had a great day - spent it with the family (which I don't get to do much these days due to work) went out for an indian with the missus and then we blubbed our eyes out watching "Grave of the Fireflies", one of the presents I received. Top film!

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    Glad you had a good day dude.

    Oooh, that film rings a bell. lordcookie posted a review of it on my forum.


    Seems pretty sad and also very deep.

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    It is mate - I'm not one to cry at films but I couldn't stop myself - if you haven't watched it then I totally recommend it. I can't remember the last film I saw which had you so involved with the main characters. It's slow, not much happens but it's brilliant. I read the review by lordcookie and he has hit the nail on the head. 9/10 from me too!

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    And happy birthday to Trev1976 who joins me at the grand age of 28. He'll be down the pub now though rather than reading this tosh!

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    Happy Birthday Brats!

    30? Ouch.

    Have a good one dude.

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    Happy Birthday mate.
    How does it feel?
    That'll be my next one (yikes).
    Have a great day.


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