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    Happy Birthday Thread

    This is the thread to use to wish people, listed on the calender, happy birthday.

    Please use this rather than starting a new thread.

    NTSC-UK Team.
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    Happy Birthday Chad

    I notice on the "Today's Birthday" thing at the bottom of the main forum page that you're 27.


    Hope you have a good day.

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    Happy birthday you stokey bastard

    I got told yesterday I had a Stoke accent. I told the woman to feck orf in no uncertain terms.

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    [Stevie Wonder]Happy birthday to ya, happy birthday to ya, happy birthdaaaaaaaay[/Stevie Wonder]

    Happy birthday mate!

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    Golly, I didn't know the board was going to make it public!

    Thanks folks, shame I'm the wrong side of mid-20's now.

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    I hope you a fabulous birthday...dont do anything we wouldnt do!!


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