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    Has it been taking down now?

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    Ah, now I see it.

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    yes, this banner ****ing rocks, frankly if only till we bomb out of EURO.

    Stu, dont feel bad mate, if the Welshies are vewwy good likkle boys and qualify next time, perhaps you can have a banner of your own in four years :P

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    Tomorrow's banner will include a sheep.

    I demand it.

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    One with a haggis and a set of Bagpipes if Stu is getting a tailored banner.

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    I love the england ntsc-uk banner. Can you keep it up until England are out of Euro 2004? Show how patriotic the forum is?

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    Of course

    Cant do a sheep Stu, but if Wales get to World Cup 2006 then Ill make sure they get one also.

    This doesnt apply to Scotland though :P

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    I think it's beautiful. It adds a much needed air of nationalism/xenophobia to a fundamentally international site, and suggests to new visitors that football is the foundation upon which much of the content rests.

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    Good point, we should strive to be more like you Americans who are wonderfully restrained when it comes to gloating patriotism and jingoistic posturing.

    The offensive item won't be there for too long anyway.
    Last edited by Chadruharazzeb; 23-06-2004 at 03:16 PM.

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    That BNP posting guy has infected me favorite site!

    Bad joke, sorry...

    NTSC-UK isn't my fav site...

    Oh, and another *goes and does some work*


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