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    okay, this is the stupidest thing ever, but i just found a mint japanese copy of DC bangaioh under my bed. i could've sworn i'd sold it, but it's definitely still here. i had a quick look at ebay (completed auctions, too), but all the bangai-os on there are either US or UK. there's no spine card (did dc games come with spines? as you've kinda probably guessed, i'm really no collector), but apart from that, the case/manual/disc are minty.

    any idea how much i could expect for it? i won't bother selling if it's not worth much (i still love the game), but if it'll go for a decent price, i could do with the cash...


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    karlidog-The Japanese version of Bangaioh is somewhat harder to find than the US and PAL versions, however it's probably not worth more than ?15-20, which is pretty decent I suppose

    oh, and it would've originally come with a spine!

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    I sold a copy (nr-mint with spine) on here for around the ?20 mark last year.

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    ack, i can't decide whether to sell it now... considering i've just bought a second-hand DC, i think i'll hang on to it and play through again before i decide whether to part with it or not. i mean, the incomprehensible between-level scenes and the boxart (mech with melon! mech with melon!!!) are kinda worth keeping it for on their own...

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    I've had a look on Ebay, and cant find anything. Im sure i've seen it on there in the past though.

    Basically it is:

    PS2 Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary Promo Disk. If im correct, its a playable Virtua Fighter (1) game on the disk. (Im unsure as i dont have a ps2)

    Any ideas?

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    It used to go for ?30-40
    That was when it was just released, and no other region had it.

    More recently though, i have seen it go for as little as ?10-15 and it has more or less stayed at that price range.

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    Decent value on a Modded v4 PS2 (Boxed). Looking to buy and want to know what sort of price to be paying.

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    I posted here, because I hadn't found suitable topics. If it bothers people here, sorry.

    Can someone let me know the online shops in UK that ship items to Japan?
    I know many shops in US, but I want UK only games now, for example, Comix Zone GBA, TINYTOON Adventures Buster's Bad Dream GBA...

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    Hi people. Just wanna know how much these are worth. Checked ebay but cant find anything.

    -PAL PS2 signed by Hideo Kojima
    -PAL MGS2 also signed by Hideo Kojima



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