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    How much should I be looking at paying for R-Types PSone in good condition with box and instructions?

    Also how much can I expect to get for Clock Tower on the PSone, again in excellent condition with box+ins.

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    Right, I've never seen these on ebay, so was just wondering what they are worth:

    JAP DC : King of Fighters '99 Dream Match
    JAP GC : Animal Forest

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Topp
    Any ideas?
    Don't think anyone has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Topp
    JAP DC : King of Fighters '99 Dream Match

    Any ideas?
    A quick search in the Buy, Sell & Exchange folder suggests ?20ish. Probably a bit less if it's the DreKore re-release which has a different cover. I got one for about ?20 on eBay a year or so ago.

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    All three original Mario Bros. games for the NES with boxes and manuals, damn good condition, along with boxed NES (good condition) with the original manual and two official minty pads. Oh yeah, and a boxed copy of Rad Racer (manual, but no 3D glasses >_&lt.

    What do you reckon? Not looking to sell just interested as I picked up the lot for a tenner from a fool at school .

    The Real Pill Popper

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    I have an un-modded Panasonic Q, as mint as the day it was made, with stepdown,leads, maybe a freeloader and the english remote faceplate which i have yet to stick on.
    Was hoping to get between ?250 and ?300 on E-Bay.
    D'you guys think that is too high?
    Cheers in advance

    Also a switched black GC, mint aswell, stepdown,2 official pads,S-Video lead,all baggies and literature.
    What d'you think??????

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    I have a MINT copy of the Virtua Fighter 4 Evo Green Book DVD.

    Haven't seen this available anywhere online. Just wondered if anyone knew the going rate for it?

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    Hi, i have just found a first edition nintendo magazine, which says "official collectos magazine" and its the "nintendo offcial magazine" still has the preview mini-cd on the front of it, looks unread, is it worth anything, or should i just bin it?

    cheers, pscl227

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    moving back to japan means theres still lots of junk to go..

    any idea how much these are worth?

    capcom illustrations Gamest Mook vol.17
    street fighter 2 dash monthly video game magazine Gamest no.77

    also got a copy of Eastern heroes Essential Deadly china dolls book

    all are mint btw any idea of their value?



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