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    Valuation thread - how much is ***** worth?

    This thread has been set up in reponse to feedback about the increasing number of threads asking how much items are. All additional threads of this nature will be removed from this time on.

    Before you post, make sure you look at eBay to see how much your item has sold for on the market as a good estimate of what you should ask, this will save others the time of looking and responding to something you should of looked up yourself first.

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    Sorry hope I got this in the right thread im assuming this comes under games merchandise, if not please delete this post., I found this when clearing out some old records, and was wondering if its actually worth anything, I cant find anything remotely related on Ebay or other auction sites so I thought I may aswel post it here. Any ideas? (probably naff all but with a shot). Camera pics are bad I know, basically its a 12" single, Supersonic by H.W.A featuring Sonic the Hedgehog dated 1992 by Zomba Records. Seems to be have official Sega endorcement as has the official line- to be this good takes AGES to be this good takes SEGA on the bottom. Here are the pics (sorry ive only got me a phone camera)


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    Man, that is sweet man. One for those Sonic Collectors. What tunes are on it?

    I want to sell King Of FIghters '99 Evolution for JPN DC. What's a fair price?


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    Re: KoF 99 Evolution

    A fair price is about ?15. You might get a bit more than that if your lucky.

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    RE the single, it was a GA release and charted about 20, IIRC. I have one somewhere, **** record. H.W.A. = Hedgehogs With Attitude Probably not worth a lot.

    My Q:

    How much does Puzzle Bobble usually sell for, say the JPN NGH release. CD version is dirt cheap, interested in the home cart price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commander Marklar
    H.W.A. = Hedgehogs With Attitude My Q:
    lol yeah I realised that just after posting. anybody know where I can find sonic collectors online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commander Marklar
    How much does Puzzle Bobble usually sell for, say the JPN NGH release. CD version is dirt cheap, interested in the home cart price.
    Er there isn't a NGH version... Any ones you have seen are conversions... As a note, the CD version, once loaded can be removed as it doesn't need to access the CD ever again... (Music is chip generated and the game fits into the RAM.... I.e. it's like the home version would have been like...)

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    Ah, see?! learn something new everyday CD version it is then, cheers MD.

    edit: How much do conversions go for then dude?

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    More then the CD version which once running if you didn't see the unit you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and the MVS version running in Home mode...

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    I got a few Jap SS games I want to get rid of but not sure how much they worth and do you know where I can get information on prices and do you have any idea.

    Gotha Brand new sealed
    Manx Super Bike TT mint condition
    Virtua Fighters new condition

    Combat Queen limited edition with bounes dvd and art book Brand new sealed



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