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    I think it's great news, it's just a shame he couldnt get the Williams seat, but he was only ever an outsider for that seat.

    Sauber will do, not sure he can do a great deal with that team, but it may lead him onto Ferrari eventually.

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    GET IN, villeneueve is awesome, is nice to have more than one world champ on the grid again !!!!

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    Why do you hope not Stu?

    I think it would be great for the sport, and the true Ferrari fan's would lap it up.

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    Why did no-one tell me yesterday that Trulli had quit ft: I would have been able to look all smug by saying I bet Villeneuve would get his seat!

    This can only be good news for my Fantasy F1 team though as Trulli has been seriously underperforming since they announced he would be dropped.

    Personally I am glad to see him back for 2 more years as it's always good to have some personalities in the sport. I cant see it leading to Ferrari but who knows, Ferrari may like their drivers to stay on the track a bit more often than Villeneuve does!

    Bring back Eddie Irvine!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor Bradbury
    ...Just living on daddys admittedly great rep...
    And Trev, he was a the world champion remember, much more than 'daddys rep' is needed to get that title tbh. As far as I can remember overtaking round the outside on fast corners was unheard of untill JV came from Indy, kudos that man.
    But you obviously don't like him so fair'nuff.

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    No point starting another F1 topic, but Jaguar are quitting F1 at the end of this year (unless the F1 team is bought up and renamed), sad really.

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    I wondered how they could justify all that money while closing factories.

    Sad indeed, always bad to see one less team on the grid.

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    Arf :/ I thought Stewart were doing a good job, although they never quite seemed to nail it when Ford/Jag took over.

    Thought Ford would be pumping loads of money into a works team?

    Tres sad.

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    No drive next year for Anthony Davidson either who was only this morning saying that Jaguar was his best hope.


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