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    Nifty little tool, had massive streaming buffering issues over several weeks. Using this tool found that too many people using the same channel (11). Moved it, and fine since then.
    Yep great tool.

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    Cheers for that. Great on the Nexus tablet!

    My neighbour's BT router keeps changing channel. It's a massive PITA. So I was on 5 because they were on 11, but today they are on 7 (I was noticing wifi being weird), so I changed to 13 based on this app. No overlap now.

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    Aye, problem is that many of the routers nowadays auto switch.

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    Xvid4PSP - crops edges off videos (amongst other things), either via auto-detect if black, or via pixel distance from all 4 edges. Just came in very handy for cropping a webinar that the user had forgot to do full screen so could see the windows stuff - amateurish.
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    VSDC video editor is very cool and free. Pro version has a few extras like better chromakey and hardware acceleration.


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