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    You can control what runs at startup without using third party software by going to Start, Run, then typing msconfig and hitting the 'Startup' tab. There you can tick and untick programs to run when Windows boots.

    No doubt the third party software is friendlier to use though.

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    IIRC, Win2K doesn't have the msconfig dialog thingything.

    Anyway, the one thing that I don't think that I've seen mentioned is the wonderful Spacemonger. It basically displays the contents of your hard drive as boxes, with different directories taking up different amounts of space. It's a really good graphical representation of how your HD's being used, and is very handy indeeed.

    Everything else I think other people have mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnakai
    IIRC, Win2K doesn't have the msconfig dialog thingything.
    It doesn't but I learned today that if you copy the exe from an XP system to a 2k system it works perfectly!

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    A Utility that will through incremental trial and error overclock your graphics card to the point just before it starts to produce errors. Have not used it cause my card is old and crap but I have heard it is good. Warning Using this will void your warranty in the same way that any overclocing will.
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    I'll add in Daemon Tools (D-Tools). I prefer using this ti ISObuster as it allows me to mount the ISO so it is treated as a standard CD/DVD.

    Treesize is pretty similar to spacemonger but just shows the folders in a standard explorer type view.

    FFDshow and the other various freeware codecs, especially the Quicktime and Real alternatives.

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    The File Splitter is very useful thanks Resonance. Tried other free similar progs from recently and most were a nightmare.


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    Another vote for irfanview - and the latest version lets you batch convert pictures and rename them at the same time. Invaluable. I'd pay money for it if they insisted.

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    Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta
    It's actually quite good. Allows you to control exactly what parts of your system are monitored, which is nice.

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    You mean apart from the spyware Microsoft have probably included with it of their own?

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