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    Renoise - A tracker based music sequencer that can use .wav .mp3 VST instruments/effects and midi. Windows and OSX versions too.

    Will also edit/play .mod .xm etc...

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    PhotoFiltre - Just discovered this via Personal Computer World's article on freeware. It's a nice, compact and fully functional image editor. You have to register interest (and money) with the author to use it Professionally/Commercially, but if you wanted that sort of thing you'd use photoshop anyway. A handy tool for making images/avatars for stuff over the internet.

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    nlite a handy little program for stripping unwanted crap out of the XP setup and integrating service packs/drivers/custom settings/automation onto an install disc. Saves a lot of the time normally spent after an install changing all the default XP settings back to your preferred ones.

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    ^Sweet. Thanks.

    Just remembered Scanner This will visually show you (by means of an interactive pie chart) you're hard disk usage.

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    Sandrasoft Lite A very nice set of tools that gives info on your system, tips to make it run better and benchmarking tools.

    Sygate Personal Firewall An excellent free firewall.

    Avicodec The same idea as G-Spot.

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    A pretty cool Wsywyg HTML editor program based on Mozilla.
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    Wow, there's some great software links here! Thanks y'all

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    Just wanted to add SDP. A brilliant free video stream ripper. Analyzes which files are being streamed and allows you to save out any of them, ripping the .wmv from an .asx for example.

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    This is a small piece of software for monitoring bandwidth usage, it might be free but it has quite a few options, gives plenty of information and is easy to use.

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    Not quite software but free academic text books and resources for wanna be geeks like myself


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