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    Your Recommended Freeware

    Recommend any freeware you have found that you find really useful. (I think this is stick worthy)

    Mine are
    Wings3D - link
    A really good 3d Modelling program that is a strong clone of a program that was used to create Gollum, in the Two Towers. I use this ALL the time and love it to pieces.

    LithUnwrap -link
    A useful uvmapper that is very when trying to set up uv coordinates on a 3DModel or trying to convert files from one format to another.

    Expression 3- link
    A very diferent vector application that was originally around ?100 but is free since Microsoft consumed the company that owns it. I smell a rat somewhere but this application is heaven if you have a graphics tablet.

    DebugMode Wink link
    This creates flash demonstrations of a program in opertation. A bit like those interactive tutorials to help explain how to use Ms Word etc. A very cool application IMHO

    Ulead Photo Explorer 6 -link
    Browse Images on your HD. A bit old and I think XP replaces much of its functionality but I still use it alot since I am a Win2K boy!

    Skype - link
    Pretty good internet telephony program. Definately the best quality audio I have used on any phone.

    The File Splitter link
    Split really large files into parts so that you can transfer then piece by piece o another location. I use this whenever my pendrive is too small to fit a file that I need to transfer.

    Startup Control Panel link
    I use this to control exacly what starts up when I run windows. A handly little app that works well.

    I have never used this but it supposedly allows you to use your laptop as your second monitor for any OS. From the reading this sounds quite impressive.

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    Hmm, can't think of any at the moment except this one, which i'm sure some of you must have come across already:

    GSpot - Link

    Handy little tool that checks video files to determine which video and audio codec has been used to encode them, and whether or not you have them installed on your system.

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    Article - The Freeware PC - Link
    A decent article which is based around producing a machine that, apart from the OS, is run on nothing but Freeware applications. There are some sections of the text that some might argue about (namely GIMP worshippers), but then you can mix-and-match depending on your needs. Personal recommendations from that article is X-Setup Pro, Bawny Lads Joiner, IZArc, Media Player Classic, and OpenOffice.

    CDisplay - Link (geocities site, if it's down Google the app)
    If you like reading Manga or Comic Book downloads from the internet, this is a really handy application. It allows you to read archive files (zip, rar, etc.), keeping your desktop nice and tidy instead of having 20-odd jpeg files across it. It's also good as a general picture viewer, but some pictures seem to posterize a little bit.

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    Videolan Media Player

    Plays pretty much any video or audio files you throw at it, supports streaming, will work with Direct X capture devices and has a small footprint... plus it works on almost every OS you can thing of. An awesome little player.

    Filezilla -

    A fantastic free FTP client... you can also get the Filezilla server too which is pretty useful.
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    AVG Anti-Virus - Link
    A good virus scanner which you can update for free.

    Kerio Personal Firewall - Link
    A useful firewall program

    Spybot - Search and Destroy - Link
    Best spyware detector I have come across - can also be updated.

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    Skype is gold, we use it at work as we have suupliers all over the place as well as a permanent post in India, our telephone bills dropped majorly!

    Watch out for AVG AntiVirus, this can easily get infected with Trojans itself as I found out last week, it had been taken over and was connecting some dutch mail server for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resonance
    Startup Control Panel link
    I use this to control exacly what starts up when I run windows. A handly little app that works well.
    Thanks for that, been after something like this 8)

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    Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition: To remove adware.
    Spybot - Search & Destroy : For anything else left on my machine.
    Hi-Jack This: Another spyware remover if Spybot doesn't work.
    Div-X Player: Just because when i upgrade it upgrades the codec at the same time saving time.
    dBpowerAmp Music Converter: I use this when i make mix CD's it converts .wave files to mp3 and back again.
    NETSCAPE: Its the olnly browser to use!
    ZoneAlarm: As my fire wall.
    OpenOffice: As i'm migrating to linux i need everyone in the house familiar with it.
    Start Up Inspector: To clean my boot sequence.
    Reg Clean: To clear out my registry.

    Thats all my freebies

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    Firefox - Best mozilla based browser.
    Thunderbird - Good email/rss/news reader.
    Irfanview - Amazing image convertor, been using it for years.
    ffdshow - All in one codec set with lots of post process functions.
    Zoom Player - Video player to compliment ffdshow. Has an easy to use playlist and many config options.
    Notepad++ - Useful for editing XML doctrees.
    Context - Another good text editor.
    NTregopt - Removes dead space and compacts the windows registry.
    Pagedfrg - Defrags hidden system files, mft and page file.
    Active Ports - Shows what ports are in use on your PC in a simple gui.
    ABC - Torrent manager.
    Apache - The only web server to use.
    FileZilla - Ftp app.
    FileZilla Server - Ftp server app.
    Winamp - The old school mp3 player.
    foobar2000 - Another good mp3 player.
    Inno Setup - Create your own app setups easily.
    KeePass - Stores encrypted passwords. (keychain)
    Crap Cleaner - Cleans crap off your drive.
    IsoBuster - Reads .iso files.
    EAC - Best CD ripper.
    Lame - Best mp3 encoder.
    jpegcleaner - Strips crap from jpegs.
    XP Powertoys - MS tweaking app.
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