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    Quote Originally Posted by buster_broon
    erm no since you seem to think its UPS thats charging you the tax
    Ok, slight mistake in wording and all of a sudden I don't know what I'm talking about? Look pal, I'm not questioning your gibraltar experience, all I'm saying is that what I said about avoiding the tax is true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buster_broon
    how does the customs desk know you're a student - just interested
    Mate, I told you, they ask you to fax them a letter of acceptance from your university.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abhisara
    Thanks a lot man, thats really helpful

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    Just a note of caution to everyone to look up the duty before buying.
    I got stung with an extra 11% duty last year, all because the EU was angry at us Brits trading so much with the US - maybe EU based websites should switch to the English language, or at least offer the english language option if they want our business?

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    anyone know how much tax i would have to pay on a panasonic q ? follwing that guide it seems to be about 60 od quid ?

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    Does anyone know if there's a time limit on customs charges? I ordered some stuff from the US in December and DHL sent me an invoice 3 months later. Am I pretty much stuck with paying this or can I argue that they should have asked for the money before/at delivery?

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    do ups want the import tax at the door as i'm thinking of getting a psp + ridge game from liksang and the tax using the guide on this thread comes to around 58 quid ?

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    Yeah, UPS ask for the money at the door, or you can settle over the phone with a credit card.

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    silly question but is it cheques or cash or card they take at the door ? as i've never used them before

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    I dunno tbh. I've used them twice. Paid with cash to the driver on one occasion, and they phoned me up before the delivery had been attempted the other time - paid with CC on that occasion.

    Have you considered YesAsia?

    If you're not in a hurry, you won't need to pay ANY customs. That's where I got mine from.


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