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    The show runner for Seasons 1-5 is coming back for Season 9, it has also been confirmed that the ninth run will be the final season leaving spin-off The Farm as the successor. In the last series several old faces will reappear and the faces of the documentary crew will finally be revealed. They hope to get Steve Carrell back for the final episode.

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    well after yesterday's double episode next week all we have is the final double and that's that

    So much better than the UK office from the second season onward and for me has constantly delivered as an overall terrific TV show

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    I've had some serious irritance with Season 9 but it's looking like half the decisions were intentional as the last few eps have really brought it all together, it's like having a series of finales in a row. One of the best sitcoms ever and thoroughly p***es over the UK original.

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    Seriously? Have you guys even seen the UK one? Up until the last few seasons of bilge I've loved the US version and its been one of my favourite shows, but it still doesn't compare to the original.

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    First season against first season since it was pretty much a carbon copy with americanisms, but after that the writers took it on a new direction which crushes the uk one

    The uk first season was good but the second season just wasn't great (uk version)

    So poppycock sir

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    Halfway through the series finale of the office and

    micheal Scott becomes bestest mench? And the first words he has to say is.........
    That's what she said

    Loved it

    Just finished and loved it and everything ties up nicely

    Creed is awesome
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    Yup, really good ending to the show

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    the finale is epsiode 21 right? I watched it last week and didn't notice Michael Scott anywhere...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darwock View Post
    the finale is epsiode 21 right? I watched it last week and didn't notice Michael Scott anywhere...?
    nope 24 and 25 are the end episodes

    the last two weeks have been double episodes


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