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    I think as the shows goes on (if it gets the chance), then you'll see it sprouting its own wings and making its own story. I mean, let's face it, there aren't that many UK episodes to rip from, so they'll have to do their own bits eventually. It's already improved so much from episode 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3, so I'm really hopeful.

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    i thought it was funny, but they hadn't got their documentary acting quite right yet, especially the gareth type guy

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    So wrong. Boris is right about the Gareth type person, he's like screech from saved be the bell here. This new Gareth is a nerd and completely over the top at being one. These type of people don't really exist out side of US comedy shows, while the UK Gareth was easy to relate to. Everyone knows someone who's like the UK Gareth. The same goes with all the UK characters really, they where all believeble, and that's why it was funny. The David Brent character here is just goofy and not really very funny, it's like a weak Jim Carey. The way you actually got the feeling David Brent was just like a kid and that he actually believed everything he was saying was lost here.

    Hah it's not like i expected it to be good though, wonder what David Brent thinks of it eh.

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    I don't think I'll be able to watch it without thinking the bloke who plays David Brent (or whatever his name is in the US version) was Brick Tamland in Anchorman.


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    Saw the first (pilot?) episode a while ago and thought it was horrendous. The acting of all the major characters was was way off the mark and just plain wrong.

    What's wrong with the brilliant original version, can't we just leave it at that?

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    The first pilot was awful. Really awful. But from then on they're using their own script and american jokes. The script is written for the cast. It's SO funny. I don't know if brits will like it. Some of the jokes relate to things only yanks will really get, or people who have experience with some of the nuances of the USA. I was laughing so hard during the latest episode when they were sorting out medical care.

    "Someone here....has....anal fissures"

    Rofl. And the multicultural training!!!


    Stick in there, it gets really good...

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    Us Brits are brought-up with American culture in our face; its totally ingrained in to us. I don't think Americans realise how much Britain has become like the U.S; it really is becoming a 51st state.

    I watch a lot of American sit-coms such as King of Queens, Everybody loves Raymond as well as all the classics: Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers, Taxi etc... I am at home with the humour in these shows, I get nearly all the jokes, except for a few digs at minor celebrities us Brits don't know about.

    I look forward to seeing this new show: It has a good cast, and though I'm not expecting it to be brilliant, it should at least provide a few laughs.
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    Apparently the original Office went down a storm on BBC America. Why they insist on remaking/localising successful imports is a mystery. I can only imagine how insulting that is to every American with a brain.

    I watched the pilot episode and it wasn't quite as bad as I expected, though a large amount of subtlety was lost (and yes, the Gareth charater's simply a cartoon). But I must admit to laughing out loud at the Steve Austin 'sha-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta' bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh! My Car!
    rather than trying to equal the original in a re-make why don't they just show the original? :/
    If anything isn't coated and wrapped up into a familiar/known formula, US 'networks' simply won't take a risk in producing it. By remaking The Office, they can squeeze out a US-friendly series with minimal budget, delivered on a fat plate for American citizens to happily swallow, without the fear of it being out-right ignored due to zenophobic attitudes.

    I think the only people who are going to be laughing at this are Gervais and Merchant, who explicily said they only got involved for the money, **** program or not. And good for them, I say.
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