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    Thinsg in the US aren't as similar to the UK as you'd think. There are some pretty big differences between the US/UK that aren't shown on most sitcoms. But they're perfect for the office. Medical insurance was a perfect example.

    The show is using new material now, so all sins are forgiven. I was worried they'd do a "Coupling" and use exactly the same script the whole way through.

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    The pilot was dismal, but these "new" episodes are pretty good. Nothing like the genius that is Arrested Development, but still very watchable.

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    Revisiting the American 'Office'

    Good to be back. Haven't posted here in a while. So long, in fact, that I forgot my original username! But the spirit lives on.

    The BX on base had the Season 1 DVD availible for rent, so I was able to pick this up using legal means. I'm a huge fan of the BBC Office. It ranks just below Arrested Development on my current favorites list. I wasn't sure how an Americanized Office would turn out, but I understand the reasoning behind it.

    A direct import of the BBC original to American network television is impossible. This is because it's ok to drop words like 'cock,' or '****', or the f-bomb on British TV, because you all are more laid back about that sort of thing and are mature enough to understand that if you hear or see something on TV you don't like you can change the channel.

    The episode where an image of David Brent's head is pasted onto a porno picture of a woman getting a DNA shower would be a complete write off on Network television. Of course you don't actually see the picture, but the subject material alone would give the censors an anurism.

    This, and the simple fact that we Americans can't understand half of your sub-dialects (one word, friends: 'enunciation'), means that the BBC Office will forever be confined to Cable. Which isn't a bad thing. BBC America needed a flagship title.

    So thus we have the American Office, season 1, begining with the Pilot episode.

    Which is a complete and utter abortion. In the commentary the Producer admits that later episodes in the season were more 'succesful,' which is Hollywood's way of conceding that 'yeah, this pretty much sucked.'

    The Pilot highlights weaknesses in the cast that persist throughout the season. The extra's and supporting actors piss me off more than anything. They try way too hard to appear 'normal, everyday' and come off as fake and life-less. Working at a paper company ain't exactly a dream come true, but you can't possibly look that depressed all the time.

    The supporting cast in the BBC Office acted perfectly natural. This kept the show grounded, making it much easier to suspend disbelief whenever David Brent went off the deep end. The Americans could learn a lesson from their British peers: Lighten up.

    The next episode, Diversity Day, represents a complete 180 from the Pilot, and fortunately this trend continues for the rest of the season. Of course 'Diversity Day' was inspired by 'Training Day' from the BBC original, but that is where the similarities end.

    The script is outstanding, and the same actors who only one episode earlier looked so uncomfortable quickly find their groove.

    "Abraham Lincoln once said, 'If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North.' "

    This is why Americanizing the show was so important. Most Brits probably won't get the humor in this (though Carrel's delivery alone is hilarious), but it had me and the other Americans rolling. The episode remained consistently funny. I couldn't stop laughing through the 'What race am I?' scene.


    Diversity Day highlights the American Office's strengths, and these persist for the rest of the season. While the American cast may not seem as 'real' as their BBC counter-parts, there is no doubt they have a talent for comedy. It may not be in quite the same vein as the original, but it is comedy none-the-less. I think the only people who will refuse to acknowledge this are the typical anti-all-things-American reactionaries. It's their loss.


    Didn't see this thread.
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    Ahem, the final episode of series 2 was shown this week. 22 episodes for the series in all. Absolutely brilliant and for my money better than the UK version. Their version of Gareth (Dwayne) is the best character ever and I think I prefer Steve Carroll over Ricky Gervais as the boss. Series 1 starts off mirroring the UK show slightly but soon develops its own style and classic cringe inducing storylines.

    A lot of people here wouldnt have seen it - it was written off when it was commissioned by a lot of people. I would advise you to get the series 1 DVD thats recently been released or get them the usual way we get the US imports. Marvellous show.

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    It's fantastic, I've only seen the first series, but I think it's more 'sitcom-ised' and works brilliantly.

    Looking forward to Season Two on DVD.

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    First episode of season 3 was shown last night, gonna sit down and watch it in abit loved the last season was my fav us comedy just hope they keep up the good work with this season

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    another Fan of the USA version

    even though i still like David Brent, the US version (Michael Scott) is just brilliant
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    Just a heads up that series two is being shown from tonight on ITV2

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    Really? Series 3? It started in the US on Thursday - I downloaded it. Surprising that theres only a few days between US and UK showings.

    Brilliant by the way, as always. Lots of nice cringe worthy Carrell moments! Love this show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutmymilk
    Really? Series 3?
    No, series 2


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