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    The Office (USA)

    Watched first 3 episodes last night, casting is great, you can associate the American counterparts with the UK ones straight away, script is very similar - eg. stapler in Jelly gag in episode 1, apart from the odd "regional" change.

    It's just not the same without Ricky Gervais and co, but very watchable, the silences, pauses are just as cringeworthy as before.
    Really wanna see if they include "The Dance" in series 2

    Anyone one else watched it ?

    Oh and the receptionist is not a patch on our Dawn

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    I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying it. I loved the UK show (Ricky Gervais is a master at embarassing comedy), but this new one has a real chance at being just as good. Steve Carrell has a different vibe than Ricky did, so I think they're going to have his character take a different tack, but there is still plenty of room for comedy there.

    And no, Dawn could never be replaced. She is so just so damn cute, and the looks she would give... That said, I do like the new girl, and there is definitly a chance that she could prove to be quite a good character in her own right. She has this strange quality to her that appeals to me. She's like this mouse you want to protect.

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    I am surprised at it being quite so good. It is a little bit more forced but being worse than the original version does not necessarily make it bad!
    I've seen the first two eps and there have been a few decent moments...I especially liked the one and only line from the diversity day video.

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    Blimey, you're all mad.

    Steve Carrell is a funny man, he was always fabulous on The Daily Show, but no no no, not this. What's wrong with you? I expected the Brits would be outraged. I mean, in the cesspit of prime time comedy, it's better than the standard ****, but they've absolutely ruined the uncomfortable documentary feel. The actors are self-consciously playing it like a comedy, rather than completely dry like the original, and that, to be honest, ****s it.

    Dwight is most guilty of this, everything about his face and over-delivery suggest Comedy Acting. But Correll's at it too, they all are. Not nearly subtle enough.

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    Urgh, cringe-worthy is right but for all the wrong reasons.. its bad.. very bad.. the cast is terrible, the script is Exactly the same.. other than a few jokes taken out that would be wasted on the US audience.. The whole set looks exactly like the UK version .. they could have made it a little different..

    For me its just o so wrong, another interpretation of uk humor gone bad... like the red dwarf series

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    The first episode was terrible and pointless. An almost word-for-word remake of the first ep of the original series.

    The second episode was actually not that bad, completely new and had some genuinely amusing bits in it. There may be hope for it yet.

    But it's still nowhere close to the BBC series.

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    I saw a few trailers for this on their site, and each gag was sealed whereas in the UK Office the gags never really were signed sealed and delivered. The one that sticks in my mind is the phone gag about the gender of the caller...

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    rather than trying to equal the original in a re-make why don't they just show the original? :/

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    I've just 'acquired' these from the special channel David mentions, I'm interested to see how it's turned out.

    Rubbish I expect :P


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