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    or maybey we can order venom743 to steal some sets from the shops in akihabara

    reward: $100 per set

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    I have one of the only two Lemmings plush toys that were made. I think the other one got destroyed too. Its pretty cool barring a mark on its chin (thats the problem with prototypes though).
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    Any chance of a pic, that sounds interesting never seen a lemmings plush.

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    There you go.

    The lemming was one of two prototypes made. It never got into full production because it was felt there was not sufficient interest in it especially as the Sonic plush had just been released and not sold as well as expected.
    If they had been made they would be in different poses that were the same as in the game.

    The Mario is another rare one too but a few hundred of this were made. However this was not the finalised design so again did not reach production.
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    Not surprised that Mario didn't make full production - the look on his face is a bit scary!

    "I'm coming for you kiddies!!!"

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    To be fair some of the others in that style looked far less evil. I dont think it helped I shot that in a leather executive chair either. All he needs is a cat on his lap and he could be the villain in the next Bond film.

    I think I might have the finalised design Mario somewhere, if so I will post a picture of that up tomorrow so you can compare.

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    You're all jealous of my Harvest Moon cow...

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    I've got that Samba one. Its ace. Also got the Super Monkey Ball ones (Aiai and Meemee)- I keep Meemee on my desk at work. She's my mascot.

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    I really wanted a aiai figure as well, but the thing is most of the characters i like seem to be sold out on that site. I was lucky to see amigo was still in stock. He will sit on top ov my tv & instruct me in the ways of the maracca.

    Oh & Lordcookie that lemmings plush is fantastic its a perfect replica, looks like someone has just grabbed him straight from the game.


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