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Thread: Escape-to-88

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    Very kindly arranged getting money back from PP after I foolishly gave him the wrong username!


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    Kindly shipped a DS game to Switzerland in the most delightful manner.

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    Bought a little Pi setup from Escape-to-88. Lovely little item. Top seller. Thanks again.

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    Purchased a N64 bundle from Escape-to-88. Lovely item, very well packaged and dispatched quickly too. Thanks again.

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    I bought the Twilight Princess LE off Escape-to-88. It arrived fast and in a MASSIVE box full of protection. Brilliant ... thanks again

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    I bought an RGB-Pi cable with a Pi case from Escape-to-88. I'm very happy with them.

    He's a very friendly, generous person.

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    Great service and well packaged

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    Bought a Groovy MAME PC, great comms, top support and help and packed perfectly. Thanks a million!

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    I sold a Series S to this fine chap and it went super smooth. Immediate payment and excellent comms


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