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Thread: Escape-to-88

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    Excellent trader, I swapped my Dreamcast Third Strike for his US Goldeneye plus a fiver. Polite, efficient, quick and reliable. Highly recommended.

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    Good trader. Would recommend!


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    Was happy enough to split his Saturn bundle and for me to take a separate bunch of games from his list, and after some v friendly nattering we came to an agreement which was then backed up with prompt postage, with goods received in excellent condition. Comes recommended

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    Bought a naughty saturn off Paul, great deal, great trader, very polite. Fast secure shipping too, a pleasure to do business with for sure.

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    Sold a Dreamcast package to Paul, he had a few problems with it but was very understanding about it and helpfull at all times.

    Would trade with again.

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    Good trader, bought a mens mag from me.

    Wouldn't have any probs trading again.


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    Bought a NiGHTs bundle from Escape, another excellent trade throughout!

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    Bought a whie saturn plus metal slug 1

    Arrived quickly and very well packed too

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    Had Paul's consolised MVS. Fantastic trader, lovely bloke to boot, and worth adding that the MVS outputs the best picture I have ever seen come out of a Neo Geo, AES, MVS, or otherwise, through a humble telly. He is a bit of a whizz at doing these consoles, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. My only concern is that when I met him last week he was wearing a pink hooped pattern jumper, which frankly just isn't on.

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    bougth NBA Jam TE from him and it arrived quickly - very quickly infact, didnt even know it had been posted

    but packing wasnt great and the game's case arrived smashed

    but that said a wee cd-r jewel case will fix it a treat

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