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    Quote Originally Posted by eastyy
    super street fighter 2 cammys stage
    good call

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    Some of my favs:

    Secret of Mana
    Contra 3
    FF 3
    Castlevania 4
    Geomon 2
    Super Metroid
    Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Ridge Racers
    Shadow of the Colossus (haven't played it, but i just know)
    Megaman 2
    Phantasy Star Online
    Sonic CD
    Super Parodius
    Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
    Katamari Damacy
    Ico (like the wee tune when they sit down to save)
    Batman (speccy version)

    There's more, but i can't be arsed typing anymore.

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    Said it before and I'll say it again, F-Zero X has such class music! Screw playing it, I could just air guitar and be happy.

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    Shining Force 3 is damn awesome too.

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    Streets of Rage II for sure

    Speedball II

    Xenon II : Megablast

    Wipeout / Wipeout 2097
    (All of the cold storage tracks are my favourite - which can be downloaded here -> if anyone is interested )

    Tekken 3

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    Shadow of the Beast, all of them even but the first one, Amiga version of course, art better than life.

    It's true Cammy stage, imo the 3do/HSF2 AST version is a creamy pie.

    Real Bout Special CD uh fact Neo Geo CD is the system of choice imo for music.

    Bah, forgot Afterbuner 3 on Mega CD, magic rock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by babs
    Anything by Konami on the SNES

    Also Ghouls n Ghosts, Afterburner 2 (still gives me goosebumps), Top Gear.
    Yeh I love the intro and stage 1 music in Top Gear. Simply fantastic tunes, and it's such a mediocre game otherwise.

    Other game music I really like:

    Hellfire (all of it)
    Gun Valkyrie (desert stages)
    SF3 3rd Strike ( all good, but mainly Urien's)
    The New Tetris
    El Viento (stage 1)
    Alisia Dragoon
    Raiden 1
    Gun Frontier
    Musha Aleste
    Samurai Shodown (all of them - intro to part IV is so good)
    Shikigami 2 (Stage 2)

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    so many top tunes, anyway here are a couple of random ones...

    Peter Packrat (arcade): I'm thinking of the sort of whistley (spelling?) tune from stage one. Yes, it does become a bit testing after a while, but all in all, it's quite an uplifting little ditty. I tend to start playing this one out in my mind whenever I'm getting a bollocking from the boss. The intro music from MD Castle Of Illusion also makes everything seem okay.

    Pilotwings (SNES): Great music on this one (it's all very seventies porn movie), the title screen tune always makes me think of Friday afternoons, I really don't know why though.

    Kung-Fu Master (arcade): Once heard never forgotten, bonus points too for the insert coin sound effect.

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    My favourites:

    Wave Race 64: Sooo upbeat and magical- love the voice-over guy too!

    F-Zero: Every track has a perfect fitting tune!

    F-Zero X: At first I was shocked at the guitar-metal sound, but then I realised it's excellent stuff!

    Pilot Wings: Have to agree.. the music is charming and funny!

    Contra 3: From the opening level, the tunes are action inspired perfection!

    Castlevania 4: Both haunting and exciting, brilliant work!

    Actraiser: Definines what the Snes is capable of- totally majestic!

    Axelay: The first level has a classic tune, and the rest of the game is blessed with brilliance too!

    Sonic 1: I love every tune.. probably my favourite MD music.

    Streets Of Rage: The first level tune is .. pure fighting heaven throughout!

    Castle Of Illusion: Magical dream-like tunes that make the game unforgettable!

    Daytona USA: I like the tunes sooo much I have a CD that I listen too all the time!

    Ridge Racer: So upbeat and happy.. the tunes in this bring back so many great memories!

    Tekken 1: My favourite Tekken tunes are in the first version... there is something magically old-skool about them.

    Game music is a passion of mine- great music makes a game complete!


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