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    The Video Game Music Appreciation Thread

    We all bang on about this and that music being great in other threads, well fine, stick it in here in future.
    And I've stuck it in the retro forum because it seems that most of the time the music's from past-gen games anyway.
    If possible, try to limit how many games you list per post and try to be a bit unusual if possible.
    I'll start with the following:

    Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) - OK not that unusual but personally I hate the game and can't stand the hackneyed teen angst garbage storylines and 20+ year old encounter and battle system that the FF series still peddles, but the music is sheer genius. I particularly like the boss theme, and the snowbound intro version of the overworld theme is wonderful.

    Flashback (SNES) - Not a lot of music to speak of a lot of the time, but the use of incidental music upon certain key events lent a far better atmosphere than having some faux-rock crap noodling on in the background. I've chosen the SNES version because I find the audio to be superior to the MD version, although the MD version seems to have a higher framerate in cut-scenes.

    Tomb Raider (PS) - That theme tune. Atmospheric or what?

    Your turn.

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    Super Castlevania IV-superb.

    Final fantasy 7

    Secret of Mana

    Zelda 3

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    golden axe stage 1 tune

    Shadow of the beast 2 title screen tune.

    castlevania bloodlines stage 1 tune.

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    Also: Tales of Phantasia, the theme from when you're in the forest. I know it's a version of some piece of classical music (spring from the four seasons maybe?) but it sounds so perfect for that setting with those graphics.
    And Akuma's theme from Super Turbo. This was music that let you know that this guy was dead hard and wasn't going to **** about. Shame they made it a bit pathetic for his future appearances, especially the Alpha 2 version.

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    Two words, Chronotrigger and Terranigma. Those OST's cost me the bomb to import back in the days of ye'olde mailorder.

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    Gunstar Heroes

    Streets of Rage 2


    Flashback gets a big thumbs up too

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    Anything by Konami on the SNES

    Also Ghouls n Ghosts, Afterburner 2 (still gives me goosebumps), Top Gear.

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    A bit busy to type out my usual essay at the moment so I'll just settle for one choice for now: Ys - any game, any format. Curiously tends to get overlooked in any discussion about game music, yet it's among the very best there is. The new Oath in Felghana OST is incredible stuff.

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    My fave soundtracks of late have been -

    Final Fantasy 7 (plus all the advent children stuffs)

    Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow

    Guilty Gear. All of it.

    and Streets of Rage 2.

    Awesome stuff all round, really!

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    Streets of rage 1 first stage
    streets of rage 2 baseball stage and the fight with shiva
    xenon 2 the theme tune
    cannon fodder/sensible world of soccer opening tunes
    Vortex for the snes the magma stage
    final fantasy 7 the world map music
    revenge of shinobi the car scrap stage
    super street fighter 2 cammys stage
    castlevania symphony of the night all of it
    Super metorid all of it


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