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    welcome new member(s)!

    i love gaming, almost as much as manga. First console i ever saw in action was the 2600, first console i ever owned was a master system, the 16bit generation got me interested in games (the snes was probably the first console i truely loved) and the 32/64 bit era is probably the reason why videogaming is such a big part of my life. While a lot of people i know think videogaming is a childish hobby (many feel the same about my love of manga also) but thankfully i refuse to follow the crowd, something i do in all areas of my life whether its refusing to consume alcohol or being a sterotypical male. Thats why i choose to frequent these forums as its nice to find people who are able to discuss and share their knowledge and passion for gaming.

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    muse hunter what the hell is that picture from?! o_0

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    haven't got a clue, i just stumbled upon it while searching for avatars, its really cool though ain't it?

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    You know, it seems the more you stare at it, the faster she gets.

    ... it's kinda hypnotic.

    Oh, and I'm not new but hi anyway.

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    I'm not new, but havent been around overly long, but hi. I'm more of a lurker than a poster, i'm a fan of the hot laydeez thread, retro section and trading folder. So hi!

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    im old i guess, been on a hiatus until recent months, now steadily posting again, and enjoying the fact this place keeps me warm and sheltered in the ucoming winter months at work, grrr..........

    god bless Ntsc-uk!

    112 ^_~

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    Well, i'm new so i'll introduce myself

    I've been a gamer since the days of the Speccy, my current roster includes all consoles from the past 2 generations and a SNES aswell. I'm a Nintendo fan at heart, but play all 3 current machines equally. I bought a US Cube on launch day, and have about 40 games for it now, i have a PS2 with about 45 US PS2 games. I have an Xbox but only 8 games for that.

    I like to follow what i see as the more serious side of gaming - not the FIFA's and the Need For Speeds but more like the Xenogears's and the ICO's. I have subscribed to Edge since gawd knows when and am a IGN Insider, and get most of my info from them, although forums are great fun so hopefully i can settle here - from what i've seen in the last few days there seems to be a wealth of info.

    I have a habit of buying far more games than my time allows me to play, so hopefully i'll settle in here well I'm currently playing Metal Arms on the Gamecube, although We Love Katamari arrived yesterday from VG+ so i hope to get Metal Arms done soonish and get on with that.

    I think that's about all, well, all that i want to reveal anyway. Oh, before you ask, my username isn't because i'm fat, it's just that when i first went online the game i was currently playing was Donkey Kong 64, and the username Donkey was already taken

    So, in closing, hi everyone

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