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    Welcome! Your English is better than my Portuguese

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    Been on here a while but thought I'd just say Hi, Collecting the Full GC set atm and I'm 49% there, also picking up selective N64, PS1, XBOX, DC, N-Gage, DS and PC big box games. I've noticed this massive trend in fake/pirate SNES games and it's put me right off... After my GC completion I'll probaby move onto full DC set.

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    Hello i'm seb i registred an account a year and a half ago apparently but never really used it, i want to change that now hope to have a great time here. Cheers

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    Welcome Seb, enjoy being here and we'll see your posts around the place.

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    Hirokun here. Nice meeting you all! Great community from what I have seen!

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    Ah well, here I go again....

    My account was destroyed in the data purge a while ago and with it all postings I had written, of course. Charles was kind enough to reinstate it but as it was recently pointed out to me, I haven't been writing anything ever since. That was mostly due to frustration about "losing" everything but also because real-life stuff was going on and I wasn't writing much of anything, anywhere.

    I did a real long introduction post "back then" so I'll just keep it short this time. .who knows when the next databse crash is coming. :-p

    I'm from Germany, about to be 39 years old in a few days, and have been an avid gamer and probably collector since I was 8 years old. Started with an NES and got a lot of hardware during my early days, thanks to pretty cool parents. I was sporting common stuff like Mega Drive/ Mega CD, Saturn, PlayStation and so on, but also more peculiar import systems like Turbo Duo, 3DO and even a Neo Geo. I never sold anything and still have it all to this day.

    But of course I couldn't get EVERYTHING I wanted so I still have systems that are new to me and which are a joy to discover:

    - never had a Jaguar until a couple years ago. I had to decide between that or a 3DO FZ-1 and.....err, you know, "Night Trap".
    - never had a Master System because console wars. ^^ Didn't really feel the need although some screenshots DID look nice, and I loved the wordy titles of the "Alex Kidd" games.
    - never had an Amiga CD32 because I was already playing on Amiga 500 and it was basically the same thing to me. Today it's different because I gave away all Amiga and PC stuff to focus on console gaming, and suddely the CD32 became very interesting to me.
    - and yes, I even skipped the N64 because Saturn and PSX were good enough for me and girls were becoming more important than ANY videogames. Today I am using an NTSC system and it's pretty difficult to find (affordable) US versions of the games I still want. Ah well.

    Well, that's that. I'm not doing all handhelds either, pretty much just the Gameboy line and the Sony ones. Just more of a TV gamer, I suppose.

    I'm enjoying a lot of different games nowadays, from retro to current gen. Favorite genres are probably shoot'em ups, beat'em ups and fighting games, but I also love all the others!


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