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    The Official Welcome Thread

    You're new to the forums, you want to let people know who you are - this is the thread to do it.

    Add your dob
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    New Guy Here

    How is everyone doing? A bit cold today up here!

    Just thought I'd introduce myself, i am bigwil, right into computer games.

    Catch up with you guys later.

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    The official welcome thread did the trick :P

    Hi fella

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    Hello there, about time we had welcome thread, although I imagine it'll fill up pretty quickly with short posts consisting of, "hello so and so" and "Are you really a girl" type stuff. Still best to keep it all in one place.

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    does anyone else want to introduce themself, so i can get an idea on who i am talking to

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwil
    does anyone else want to introduce themself, so i can get an idea on who i am talking to
    Hello bigwil, I've been knocking around here pretty much every weekday for a couple of years now and, while I'm not to good with words and don't hold any strong opinions with which to argue with you, I wholeheartedly welcome you to the forum.

    I can recommend the First Play Thread as a constant source of great information that has helped guide my purchases and on many occasions improved my enjoyment of a game through the sharing of tactics and menu translation.

    You the outdoorsy type? Then you may be interested in the rules and league updates to Rocball, the answer to what happens when you combine Volleyball and Soccer!

    While if you just like to take a long hard look at some fit bitches then there's a Thread In Which We Appreciate The Fairer Sex too.

    Hope you enjoy your time here

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    crisp, i'm very lazy when it comes to posting stuff and i'll only bother if it's amusing... i generally don't follow threads even though the topic may be of interest which means i'll often post questions which have already been answered pages beforehand

    until something better comes along you'll find me online with the chaps from the forum playing some halo2 and generally talking ****e.

    my turn-ons include; hott chixx with big guns (bigguns? XD ), fine wine, mahogony and leather bound books.


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