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    First Play Guidelines - Please READ FIRST before posting

    First Play Guidelines:


    (*unless you can prove it's a legit copy)

    Please add a poll with a score when you post a new thread (don't bother for demos though). Please press the "make votes public" checkbox.

    Post any gameplay impressions of any games that you desire - of games that you have actually played.

    Please mark demos accordingly e.g. "Skate [demo]" and use a new thread for the full game.

    Please only vote in Polls if you have played a decent amount.

    Techical discussion can also be posted within the First Play thread (normally in regards to PC titles - but also technical questions concerning console titles), as long as they relate to the specific game.

    Where possible keep it format free, unless there are obvious differences and mark demo versions accordingly, since they are often vastly different from the final release.

    Please do not post shipping updates, or whether you have ordered the game or not, or how long your downloads on XBox Live are taking, or opinions of games you haven't played. Posts of this nature will be removed from the thread without warning.

    When posting spoilers, please do so correctly, ie;
    [spoiler.]This is a spoiler[/spoiler.] - but without the dots.

    By posting in the First Play forum, you understand and agree that we may from time to time use your edited quotes for website features.
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    Please note ammendment to the First Play rules:

    "By posting in the First Play forum, you understand and agree that we may from time to time use your edited quotes for website features."

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    New guidance:

    Please can we have ALL demo first play discussion in the First Play forum instead of the online folder.

    Please mark it accordingly e.g. "Skate [demo]"

    The full game thread should be a different thread since demos are not representative of the full game in many cases.

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    Please only vote on polls once you have played it enough to get a full impression.

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    Please note that in a bid to keep general game chatter and gameplay impressions distinct, first play threads are being pruned to keep things on topic.

    If you aren't posting gameplay impressions, then they need to be in the general thread.

    Questions to players are ok though.

    Similarly, gameplay impressions in News/chat threads will be moved to First Play.
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