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Thread: Dead or Alive 4

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    8PM then lads?

    Akira, ill delete someone for ya when I get on tonight and send ya a friends request.

    We'll all try not to get too pissed tonight while we play I hope

    There was nige and yoshi on the lager and me on the congiac

    Poor quality chimp might have heard some strange things

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    No drinking for me tonight - Just pummelling

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    I'm resurrecting this thread. Having just bought a Hori VF5 stick (I know a few of you have too) I'm eager to test it out on an old fave. Who wants some?!!

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    i will give it a try lag permitting lol

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    You should get VF5 Nige, it is great.

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    hehehe , I'm in !
    been a long time since I beat ya up, you ugly bastard !!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Soi View Post
    You should get VF5 Nige, it is great.
    I've got it, but the lack of lobby/spectators makes it not as good for me.

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    Where are you, you slags! 11 years I've been waiting... What's taking you all so long!

    What a thread lol. This takes me back.. God I'm old!


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