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Thread: Warframe PS4

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    Warframe PS4

    Anyone here interested in started up a Warframe gaming group on PS4? Been playing this over the past week and really enjoying it. The campaign is solid and huge, I'm about 15 hours in and have only visited four planets,

    I have a few bug bares with how the premium currency works and I'm refusing to pay for any as it's so over prices, so the only way free plays can get it is via trading in clans or via the market on Mars. First time account get 50 and PSN plus members can download a free pack that gives them 100 Platinum and some bonus gear and weapons. Most of that Platinum you will want to keep for buying equipment and Warframe slots. I've already maxed out my default equipment slots.

    Word of warning to first time players, you don't get to change your starting setup after you pick it. It's not a quick task to unlock the other frames in-game either. The weapons and some frames you can buy from the market or their blue prints, but they will cost you credits.

    Don't know if I'll get any replies, seeing how quiet this place is these days, but if you do want to try it out. Certainly one of the better free to play games out there.

    Reply if interested starting up, there is a clan feature if you get enough players.

    [Edit 304 views so far and no replies? Is the Google bot busy these days or do we have that many lurkers, seems a bit odd you visit an online gaming thread for a game you would have no interest in playing?]
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