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    Im going to the Jazz Cafe (again) in Camden tonight to see Jon B, not seen him live before

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    Goldie Lookin' Chain tomorrow night at the Newcastle Carling Acad. Should be brill - saw them early last year in Southampton. They were very, very entertaining !

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    We Are Scientists in April for me, and Chili Peppers again in July!!!!

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    The Crimea on the 28th which shall rock!

    And I just got Fallout Boy tickets for Edinburgh in May which should also rock very much!!

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    I've got a Reverend Horton Heat gig in April, nothing much happen inbetween. Got my fingers crossed that Blues Explosion and The Dirtbombs tour again this year.

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    I saw Broken Social Scene at the Camden Barfly a couple of months back, which was fantastic.
    Not quite as good as the incredible Hot Chip who I saw at this little pub in Farringdon. A-ma-zing.
    See them live, if it's the last thing you do. Their recorded stuff pales in comparison.

    I was considering seeing Golgol Bordello in March. Everyone's been talking them up lots.

    Also, Liars are playing on the 24th, and they've been on the long list of bands to see. Anyone experienced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossco
    Dont think we have a thread for anything like this.

    Just back from Coheed and Cambria, bloody great stuff! Anyone else a fan?
    I went see them the other week at Manc Academy, how much did Welcome Home rock?!?!

    They really are an amazing live band when there on form and he has the best hair ever! Nice guys too, for my birthday last year my girlfriend emailed them asking if they could send her a signed CD for me. They were one of the few bands to reply personally and they actually shipped it to her from the US signed by all the members to me completely free of charge, top stuff

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    Well, having seen the Magic Numbers live now, I can say they are fantastic, support wasn't too bad - Scandanavian bunch called The Concretes, but TMN really got the crows going, loved it!

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    Would love to see The Concretes! Saw The Go! Team at Manchester Academy was pretty good. Awesome crowd

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtremeboat
    Would love to see The Concretes! Saw The Go! Team at Manchester Academy was pretty good. Awesome crowd
    Not sure if it was the mix or what, but the lead singers vocals were totally drowned out by the music.

    Sounded like they could be good, reminded me of Bjork meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs - may pick up an albumn.


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