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    QC, you can probably use a custom DNS to stop that happening.

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    Also, I just switched to BT, they had an offer of ?10 a month for 38mb fibre for 12 months.
    Line rental was ?169 if you paid up front for the 12 months.
    You get a ?50 Sainsbury's Voucher when you join and a cashback company was offering ?84 when you take out a new contract with BT.

    So I'm paying about ?320 for the year which clocks in at about ?26, which is ?10 cheaper than the Sky Package I have now. Virgin isn't available where I am but they are about ?28 for the 50MB package.

    If the Cashback and voucher actually turn up then that actually brings the overall cost down to ?15.50 per month, which is even better.

    best of all I have replaced the rather simple non-replaceable Sky Hub and Openreach router with the BT Homehub which is a combined unit, does 5ghz and also wireless AC. So I'm super chuffed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilBoris View Post
    QC, you can probably use a custom DNS to stop that happening.
    I'm sure there is, but customers should be able to opt out either online (rather than getting a "this service is unavailable" message) or telling someone on the phone that they want out.

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    A week or so in on the BT connection and it's like I've been living under a rock for the last few years. Blazing (!) 6-7mbs connection all day with pings between 20-60ms.

    It's bizarre being able to watch streaming vids/twitch whatever at anytime in the day. The homehub4 is a natty piece of kit too, just wish it was GB on the network ports.

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    My brother wants us to get a Virgin 152mbps plus TV package deal, my question is do they shape/throttle traffic so that we cant get superfast speeds all the time? What are they like with bittorrent?

    My bloody exchange is still not Fibre ready, flipping East London getting neglected man. Those poofs in Chingford had it years ago


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    I keep reading Virgin media fibre is crap for gaming due to its latency problems?

    The speeds and price seem too good to be true, there must be some catch to their fibre/service?

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    I had virgin and it was fine, whilst it cannot physically reach the same level of low latency as other types of connection, the difference is minor.

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    I've been with Virgin for ages and they're generally excellent but they've been doing a big upgrade to the network in the area over the last couple of months and it has meant my internet is almost unusable in the evenings. I'm fed up and going to switch.

    I'm currently on 100mb but everyone else can only offer about 30mb. I work from home making games so I tend to shift around decent size chunks of data between different servers daily and often download stuff from PSN and Steam. Is dropping to 30mb likely to make an appreciable difference? Matey on the phone at Sky was giving it all that about how 100mb is far too much for most people and so on but is that true?

    Cheers for any advice!


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