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    ISP recommendations and recent bargains

    Please add any links to broadband offers you have decided to go with, or that you think other people might like to try!


    I just moved into my own flat and finally got internet hooked up.

    Just wanted to say AVOID tiscali internet broadband AT ALL COSTS! Its fine when you surf the web, but as soon as you download anything it caps the connection, (im on 4.5 meg apparently and it caps the dload at 30kbps!!!!) also looking at my steam browser yields no pings below 200. Luckily im on the last days of the contract cooling period and thus can cancel with no penalty but sometimes it takes more than 2 weeks to get hooked up and then your stuck for a year with it.

    So to just keep my fellow ntsc-ers in the know, AVOID you pay for what you get in this world!
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    i wish i knew before i picked up tiscali a few months ago.

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    I agree about tiscali - my experience with them was bad too, won't go into details.

    For bob123 who posted a separate thread asking for a short-term provider - you won't find one that'll do free connection without some kind of contract because it costs an ISP ?47 I think from BT to connect you, so it's not worth their while.
    I'm just leaving pipex for Sky because of price, but Pipex have been excellent all the time I've been with them. They could be good because they do free connection, and although they charge a ?50 fee if you leave within 12 months, this is waived if you reconnect when you move house, so provided you want them after you've moved, they'll not charge you any extra.

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    AOL now hear me out I dont use any of their software at all, just my username and passcode they are fast cheep and unlimited

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    Recently switched over from BT residental to BT Business Broadband. I pay a little extra, around seven pounds I think , but I get an unlimited cap , 20:1 contention and UK support team.

    And I dont have a business... (^^*)

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    With NewNet you can get a monthly contract and if your migrating from another isp you should be able to join free.

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    Anyone use Nildram? Are they any good - particularly for gaming?

    I hear there's problems for people playing WoW (not a problem for me as I don't) but just wondered if things like Live and general PC on line stuff is OK.

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    Right, I'm currently on a one off yearly payment broadband package that is unlimited usage, but only 576kps. Rather than pay for another year, I'm gonna switch to a faster provider, but all the ones I can find sub ?20 pm are capped.

    I don't download much from the net, but do these caps effect online gaming? And can anyone recommend a sub ?20 uncapped service?


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    I'm currently with Seriously Internet who have the best customer service ever! Honestly, none of this over-seas call centre nonsense, just a small friendly office down south. I called once because my connection had stopped, they did some tests and said they'd call me back. 10 minutes later, the phone rings and the guy says it's a BT problem, he'd called them and it would be fixed within the hour.

    They do a PAYG thing... if you use 2gb per month it's ?14 and goes up in stages to ?28 per month for uncapped. So if you have a quiet month online you save a bit of cash... Perhaps not as cheap as some of the big boys but definately worth it should things go pear shaped.

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    We're with NTL on their 1 MB service and there's no cap. We've been with them for a few years and haven't had any problems with the service. We don't do any heavy downloading and it powers a PC, two wireless notebooks, an Xbox, and an Xbox 360. My only complaint is the 100 KB upload, but overall it performs quite well.

    Before I submitted this I checked my modem's configuration page and to my surprise we've got a 2 MB downstream and 200 KB upstream! We've never received any communications to tell us they were putting their bandwidths up again (it was originally 150 KB and went up to 300 KB, then went up to 1 MB a couple of years ago).

    I just checked NTL's web site and it says 1 MB is going up to 2 MB, although ours has already and still no caps or price increase, and 2 MB has gone up to 4 MB.

    NTL's broadband site:



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