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    Sold to Luca before, A gentleman indeed. No problems with this fine chap

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    bought Fast Striker and paid instantly - excellent

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    Sold him a Jap Dreamcast bundle, great to deal with no fuss whatsoever.
    Many Thanks

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    Bought two PC-Engine games from me, and didn't grumble about me only shipping overseas by a secure method and paying the extra. Top lad, cheers.

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    Luca bought some more PC-Engine games from me, always no fuss and great to deal with. Thanks again.

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    Bought the awesomeness that is the Panasonic Q off me. Nice and friendly pms and paid quickly. Pleasure to deal with!

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    briareos_kerensky bought Klonoa for Wii from me. He paid straight away and was a very understanding buyer, thanks!

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    There are very few people i'd ship overseas to these days, but never give it a second thought with Luca. Great guy to trade with.

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    Luca bought a Neo Geo game from me. Very pleasant to deal with throughout


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