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    Luca bought more stuff...blah, blah blah. Great guy......blah, blah, blah. Great to trade with......blah, blah blah.

    Well there's only so many times a man can say it.

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    I bought a BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle and an HDFury III from Luca- both of them arrived quickly and safely, being very well-packed! Lots of friendly and informative comms as well, especially for a capturing newbie such as myself.


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    Sold an SFC game to briareos_kerensky, good comms throughout, and paid quickly.
    Thanks again.

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    Free video processor from Luca, which has proved to be very useful. Cheers mate!!!

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    Bought a modded Dreamcast from me. Absolute pleasure to deal with. Ta :-)

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    Nothing to say anything different from the last 7 pages of this thread.

    Great buyer!

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    Lovely lovely chap. Messaged me about a game, sorted out international postage, and let me know as soon as it arrived.

    One of the good guys

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    Exchanged a PS1 with some goodies for an OSSC. Super solid packaging and super solid comms throughout. Top guy overall!

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    Sold him an everdrive and MD clone. Fanastic comms, and easy transaction. Great buyer!

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