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    New TAoU Mission - Do you need it? - Mission 22 Shield of Diplomacy

    This one is a BC, not gonna post any spoilers.

    So do you need it? Im up for it this weekend.


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    I'm game but I need to pass the previous BC first.

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    I'll be part of this if I can get the CS sorted. (Stick me down as provisional).

    Have to say, mission-wise, this expansion is not a patch on CoP. 2 BC battles in 6 months is quite poor :/

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    yeah is a lot of CS and nothing else atm :/ lets hope that changes.

    Really enjoyed the new MEGA long CS's thou.

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    Yes I agree the the new cutscenes are very, very good. Did 2 more last night with the

    arrival of Dr. Shan... Karababa. Also, when Aphmau was spying on us. That was funny.

    Very intriguing story, I will give it that. When Aphmau stated that:

    I was her mercenary and only she could bully me. That was weird.

    Also, did you spot that Naja Salaheem was

    wearing the crown she confiscated from you in the previous set of missions?

    That was funny

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    Just realised if you want to this over the weekend I can only attend if it's early(ish) tommorrow. Traveling up to Scotland very early on Sunday morning and won't be back until Monday evening which means I can be online Saturday but will be logging off early evening.

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    Rare im good for saturday, not really roped enough in though yet. Monday or Tuesday evening maybe?

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    Monday I'll likely be wrecked. Tuesday would be safe.

    You should probably try and speak with Yenyoju and Beregorn in game to see if they are interested. Me and Tobal cleared the previous BC with both of them so they are up to date with the missions and they would provide us with a RDM and WHM if they are up for it.

    That way we?d just need another DD/tank (I can do either).
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