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Thread: Red Dwarf

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    i also like seasons 4-6 the most

    i can say though that series 7 and 8 were the worst for me.......they just did not feel like red dwarf

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    Season 7 is by far and away the worst. Kochanski was a very weak character compared to Rimmer, and the episode Duct Soup did not, IMO, have a single funny moment in it. The season highlight was Ace Rimmer's parody of James Bond at the beginning of the second episode.

    What would you say, eastyy, was the all-time best episode? Gunmen of the Apocalypse for me.

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    It's either 'Queeg' or 'Waxworld'. Rimmer has some great lines in that one.

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    My favourite episode is 'ME2' from the end of the first season.

    It was hilarious seeing two Rimmers.

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    I'm not sure if it's my favourite episode, but I enjoy it immensely:

    ' Season2: Better Than Life '

    They all go into a Virtual Reality game, where anything can happen, but Rimmer makes things a nightmare because his mind is such a mess.

    A real classic episode. Makes me laugh hard!

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    dont know about best all time episode i like so many


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    I remember the first time I saw episode "Queeg".

    Fook me I had a giggle and half at that one Sometimes I wish I could erase my memory so I can watch episodes again and again

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    resurruction of thread

    due new double episode entitled return to earth easter weekend on the dave channel

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