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Thread: Red Dwarf

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    "No offense, but when you're a virus there's not much call for knowing how to open a lager bottle with your anus"
    I wish the virus had more screen time but this is really old school, it's always a fun watch because it's such a similar play as talkie toaster but with the sinister edge. It's another good episode that gets lost in peoples passiveness to series seven and just as fun as always.

    "Have you ever heard of anything called tough love?" "Does it involve dressing up?"
    A pretty middling finale, the whole thing of Lister learning about coping without one arm carries most of the episode and whilst it provides Cat with some good lines the episode used to always be mostly notable for the return of Red Dwarf which when watching the series now isn't as big a moment as it once was.

    It's still hard at this point not to class this run as the weakest given its choppiness but it is a fun run and despite its ranking its still better than most shows and well worthy overall.


    Back in the Red: Part One
    "I hope we don't get stopped by the cops. They don't like it when you're rat arsed"
    From the opening scene in the prison to the linking events to Series VII and beyond this immediately feels like the pacing and writing has improved. It's a little like the shake up has jolted new ideas for lines and scenes out of the show and it's a really solid opening ep.

    Back in the Red: Part Two
    "I don't know what got into me" "Nothing, sadly"
    Though fine this one feels like Dwarf always does when a plot goes past the normal single ep runtime, flabby and running out of material.

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    *Deep Breath*

    Back in the Red: Part Three
    "This is Ground Control, please state your ident" "Err... Major Tom"
    Apparently the intention was to have an hour long episode which the BBC rejected so they split the episode then expanded it even further to make it a three part run which this episode ably displays why that was a mistake. Given Dwarf often struggles with multi-parters the flab is heavy by this point and there isn't much to take from this one.

    "All the Canaries will be dead in one hour except for Rimmer…" "Yes!" "Who will be dead in twenty minutes"
    In a way this episode is a bit of a shame because it showcases how the majority of the season should have been, The Canaries are a great way to marry the new style with the old one and having the cast deal with Cassandra and her future telling ways gives the episode an abundance of fun moments. Easily the strongest episode of the season and quite close to the older stuff too.

    Krytie TV

    "You're not getting any younger, sir, and neither are your sperms. I'm getting worried about those guys. Any older and they'll need a stanner chair lift to get up the fallopian tubes"
    Passable, there's something about this one that makes it feel like one of those that has had outside input or something. A bit like the tone and humour isn't the right fit for the show.

    Pete: Part I
    "There's an old Cat saying that I feel has particular relevance here, it goes 'We are all - gonna die"
    The initial time wand stuff is alright but the episode really should have focused on the possibilities the device creates, instead it quickly veers off for an all too repetitive set of jokes with the Captain and the drawn out T-Rex sequences so it's easy to see why the eighth run isn't highly held up as it's not so much that it can't work so much as it is how much it sags with this reliance on dragging the pacing down.

    Pete: Part II
    "Quick? The only time he's quick is when he's passing a salad bar"
    It's mostly slump this one, the continued drawn out jokes from the first episode.

    Only the Good...

    "What's it called?" "Cesiumfrancolithicmyxialobidiumrixidixidoxidexidr oxhide"
    I remember hearing about the plans for this episode and how it would have seen them get to Earth and set up the film to end the whole franchise and I'm forever glad it didn't pan out not just because it's kept the show running but also the story always sounded awful. This episode is pretty middling which I think in the end pretty much sums up the season overall.


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    Back to Earth
    "Suddenly, there's a disturbance on the surface of the tank and this massive testicle shoots out of the water and grabs me by the throat!" "He means tentacle" "I hope so..."
    It says a lot that this three parter is still so hard to think of a notable quote from when it's usually pretty easy. Despite how long the gap between this and VIII are it's still interesting that this ninth run not only repeats every disliked execution error that VII and VIII where ever accused of but actually makes them even worse. The tone is off, the timing and direction feels wrong too and very little of the humour lands. The Coronation Street detour barely works whilst every element of the Blade Runner riff falls flat. Perhaps the most notable elements are the sci-fi shop owner and that this contains perhaps the only attempt during the entirety of the shows run where moments of emotional drama are attempted and because the show has been running so long at this point I still quite like them, they're not overplayed and it's genuinely a little moving both when Lister tries to read by Kochanski's grave and later when he can't bring himself to stay with the fake version of her (a personal revelation that disappears for X onward).


    "Are you saying I'm a resentful person? I really resent that"
    Starting RDX is almost like a slap to the senses even on second viewing which really backs up why these later runs are why I wanted to revisit the show. There's still some performance rust on the actors but the material and execution is leagues stronger than the show has had in years. The third new model of Red Dwarf is better (though still weaker than the OG one) and the jokes work well in this one, the set up for the stir-master feels pretty long coming but pays off solidly enough along with Rimmer getting the cathartic moment with Howard. Immediate side note which applies to all these episodes, I assume it was for budget and comfort but this is quite literally the worst Kryten has looked so far. He looks way off and cheap with the shoulder rings looking naff, the nose on the face mask is weird, you can see the rubbers looseness around the neck where it's presumably now pulled over the head and the hands literally look like customised cheap rubber gloves.

    Fathers and Suns
    "You knew I was going to cock this up, so you cocked it up for me?!"
    I think this episode, as decent as Trojan is, is the first time since Cassandra that the show is firing on full cylinder again. It's a return to using a smart idea grown naturally from the Ouroboros episode in VII and coupled with the side plot of Pree its fast moving, on point and holds up as well as any of the older episodes.

    "Jesus..." "Yes?"
    One of those where it runs a little flat until that moment that is so simple yet works so well. After that it's pretty good throughout, quite old school and simple an episode really but good fun.

    "Read my CV - Does not help, does not clean, will have sex with anything"
    This one is a bit more over the place jumping from the drive room scenes, to the BERF's, to the ERRA station but it's still decent enough even if probably a little too close to the Polymorph II episode in VI overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    Passable, there's something about this one that makes it feel like one of those that has had outside input or something. A bit like the tone and humour isn't the right fit for the show.
    This is definitely the case. Red Dwarf had taken off in the USA, to some degree, and it's really clear that this was affecting the production.

    There's a painful scene where the characters refer to "reneging on a deal" several times, I think Lister is in a jail cell or something? And the lines just hit the ear totally wrong, like they were written by an American writer. There are other areas but this is the example which sticks in my mind.

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    Being on Dave has definitely helped the show, like it's in a sweet spot of having success but in a way that means it has to stick to the fans definition of how the show should be instead of evolving away from it as VII-VIII tried to

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    Dear Dave
    "And another thing, don't you go thinking about her being all naked on all fours and covered in money all the while his finger wetting machine is working overtime!"
    This is a come down from the previous episodes but I think part of it is knowing where it's going from the off and that it's a very low key episode. In a way it's probably one of the closest scripts to the first two seasons but because the shows tone is different and the humour the pay offs aren't as good.

    The Beginning
    "How dare you say I always want to challenge you to dual across time and space! You offend me! Therefore I challenge you to a dual across time and space!"
    It's nice but like many of the attempts to do a big ending to a series falters compared to the other episodes. The shows budget often betrays the costume department these days but overall this is a solid episode even if the end revelation about Rimmer's father ultimately makes no difference.


    "Kryten couldn't be more fried if he was a mars bar living in Scotland"
    This one hits everything except the humour. Despite X's improvements even revisiting XI really rams home how strongly this alligns with III-V in terms of how it's shot. It's really the pretty flat jokes about science that aren't sharp enough to make the episode stand out.

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    What's presently the best way to watch all of Dwarf past the "Back to Earth" special? As that's kinda where I checked out. I've only caught a handful since, because they're not on Netflix etc.

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    They're on UKTV Play, the stations own streaming site. You need to set up an account but access is free

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    Making very steady progress again now and finally closing in on the end:

    "So start squirting your whipped cream on applie pie and not on each others body parts"
    Some of the scenes such as the Lister and Cat discussion are very in tune with classic Dwarf, this episode is largely weighed down by the subplot about the lovers aboard the Samsara that was probably an attempt to do something different with the show structure but ends up bogging it down with a focus on characters who's subplot could have just been delivered in a few lines of dialogue from Kryten.

    Give & Take
    "There was a time when I was a teensy, tiny, teeny, weeny bit... mad"
    Whilst the jokes aren't top tier this feels obscenely like peak Dwarf era in execution particularly the sequences with Asclepius. Sadly they're too brief but this is a fun one.

    Officer Rimmer
    "I made a mistake, I should have promoted to you Flight Lieutenant!" "Hunghhya"
    I like the idea of the bio-printer and of Rimmer finally getting the promotion he's chased for so long but the episode has a definite issue on relying on jokes that have been used too often before particularly the concept of having multiple Rimmers which should be barred from the ideas board going forward.

    "If the Universe is going to die in 14 billion years then what's the point?" "Wait, I'm going to die?!"
    As is the noticeably the pattern of harking back, much of this episode is clearly a repeat of Legion but without the threat. It holds together well though thanks to the mid-life crisis spin and the culmination meeting the Universe is fun too.

    Can of Worms
    "What the hell does a virgin smell of?" "Desperation usually"
    I recall feeling like this point of Dwarf leant hard on past episodes and it's definitely a growing feeling given how this one reuses elements of several past episodes. It's nice to see Cat get a bit more focus for once and much like the others it's a good episode, it'd just be nice if it wasn't more of a greatest hits tour.


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    "It's because I'm Hitler, isn't it?"
    The episode where the crew think they've stumbled across a ship where famous figures from history are resurrected and cured of all evil. Again there's some similarities to past episodes but there's enough new spin here and the actors are game enough that this is a very fun episode and good opener for the series.

    "I got a registered trademark where my wing dang doodle used to be!"
    The one where everyone gets turned into mechs like Kryten. A lot in this one doesn't land but some of the stuff involving Rimmer, Lister and Cat does including the rather sad element regarding how quickly Rimmer gives in to the process because it frees him from a tortured life of hang ups and issues.


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