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    Here are some random things I've done over the years.
    Not really art but hey
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    Montage is my thing, sont draw anymore shame on me I was an award winning artist when i was under 16

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    'bout as good as my drawing gets

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    I'd love to draw more, there's nothing I appreciate more than good art (damn I sound like a ass). Really, everytime I look at decent artwork, I just get this strong urge to produce something myslef, which always turns out cack.

    In fact, good artwork will sell a game for me! Have to be honest, the original Romancing SaGa's are pretty dull (well 3 is good) but the artwork alone sells those games for me.

    But like Adam said its just too time-consuming, and you feel the whole time that since you aren't getting anything for it, its a waste of time. Silly really.

    Anyway I have to post something, here's two pics that i'm rather proud of, mainly because of the fact that I was younger when I drew them. The V.Story one is from when I was 14. It doesn't actually look much like the original art, more like MJ really! But for some reason I still like the look of it.

    And the Elly one I did when I was 16, I probably prefer the Vagrant Story one, but meh...

    I don't really have anything else to show, I do like to draw, but i've only ever taken the time to draw a few sketches over time, these 2 being my favourites.

    By the way Adam, some of you artwork is amazing - its giving me that urge to draw something again.
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    Dirty Sanchez – Yep, those dogs were drawn for people

    Admittedly I wasn’t paid for the two drawn when I was fifteen (I was in hospital at the time and they were drawn for my nurses) but I got a little money for the more recent bull dog. I would love to do it more though. Have recently drawn my cat Morris, I will post that soon hopefully, once it is scanned and all.

    Funnily enough I was asked to do a muriel quite recently, for the bathroom in the Childrens Nursery I used to work out… but quite embarrassingly I couldn’t do it. I have no idea what came over me, but my hands wouldn’t stop shaking, heh. A little worrying really

    jimmie2k - Heh, thank you buddy. I gotta say, I love your avatar by the way! Such a fantastically funny guy…

    That women one was actually drawn for my sister when I was sixteen. It was a tattoo design, which she now has on her left side of her torso (starts just under her left breast and goes down to her hip). I think there’s a pic somewhere here… aha! Looks a little different from my original design but looks pretty damn awesome.

    I really want to re-draw this one… Now being a few years since it was originally drawn, I think this would look pretty good. Mr. Jimmie. I think you’ve just sparked some enthusiasm in me! hurrah

    briareos_kerensky – That’s good work buddy. I really like the sense of weight displayed on her clothing in the first picture (before they miraculously disappear, heh). Will look forward to seeing it with colour sometime

    Do you have any more?

    112 – Thank you for your kind comments dude. Even though I’ve never actually received any help or guidance for my art throughout my childhood, I took it upon myself to be brutally critical. Even during primary school I had to make sure the proportions etc were accurate and correct. Now thankfully I seem to have developed an eye for detail, easily able to pinpoint what looks right and what doesn’t. Though, because of that looking at my old pictures above is a little painful… especially the wolfman (as much as I still like it, there is so much wrong with it!). My problem is that I’m a bit of a perfectionist… heh

    I have also considered doing my own little comics, I’ve created my characters called Plars. Heh. They are cute little buggers with sinister motives… I’ll see if I can find some pictures of them.

    Emir - I would love to see some of your work Emir. Is there any chance you could take some photos of your larger paintings? At the very least it will be wonderful to see your smaller sketches.

    Even though my sketches above are mostly with pen and pencil, I can use paints, it’s just I don’t like to. Strange really, because some of my better, larger stuff, is in paints. They’re hidden away in the loft though. I feel more comfortable with a pen, or a pencil…

    Champloo – Thank you for sharing your work buddy. It would be very interesting to see a little more. I strongly feel, in regards to artwork anyway, that the artist themselves are usually the biggest critic. Something you’re not particularly happy with could possibly be great in our eyes

    I like the style of the first picture. Reminds me of the mystic style used in the opening sequence of Baten Kaitos Origins. I’m very happy to hear I’ve helped spark a flicker of enthusiasm, if you put something onto paper make sure you share here

    Pete - heh, i really like that! there's something strangely compelling about it...

    EvilBorris - your poor giraffe tickled me! heh. Nice work mate

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    Never mind that, lets see some more half naked pics of your sister please.

    Oh and the Zelda tattoo is brilliant btw.
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    Some really nice stuff here.
    Havent indulged in any art for a while. However, I have a small gallery here:

    if anyone's interested.

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    Amazing stuff neoboy. Seriously. Some of you should take requests, I'd happily buy a really nice pencil sketch. Some of that stuff reminds me of Clive Barkers Tortured Souls series.

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    neoboy259, absolutely fantastic. Really like those. Reminds me of the style in a comic i used to read... Erm, forget what it was called now but it had Lara Croft in it too... She had a partner called Witchcraft or witch-something...

    I love it dude. Very well done indeed

    edit: Witchblade! That's what it was called i think. Your style is much better though. Have you thought about doing comics or something dude? Like me, you mentioned you haven't done any for a while, you most certainly should keep at it.
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    aye witch blade, you should check out the one with spawn and witchblade, VERY graphic!



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