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    Made some more resin keyrings, ocean drops. Can take a tiny bit of the beach with me on my keyring now.

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    OOOh I like! Not used resin before, something I'd like to try one day.
    Like these beach pendants!

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    Not sure if it's possible to embed a video from Twitter but here's a thing I did for Waveshaper:

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    Finished another Keroberos from Cardcaptor Sakura, this time with his silly grin and made from Stained glass. Just need a chain and somewhere to hang him (tail is super wobbly, don't see it lasting too long sadly)

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    Are you planning on DIYing a lot of stuff for your wedding?

    It's going to be wonderful if you do.

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    Yeah, not sure what yet. Possibly bunting of some kind, perhaps some tealight holders for the tables. Basically the decor is going to be mostly made by me but the venue is so pretty it doesn't need much. Need to decide on colours pretty quick so I can get started, already bought some stuff after the bloke showed no interest and only today he is starting to talk about what shades he might like.

    I'd like to make something nice in my favours, maybe a small Suncatcher if stained glass but the fact its next to a lavender field, lavender bags of some sort are probably on the cards. Also have an idea of making some flowers which I have done before but for what (more decorative to add to something rather than 'fake' blooms) I don't know. Again I need to know colours. Then there are pom poms, I freaking love them and they are fun to make.

    I won't be making the cake, I suck at baking. I can make cute things out of sugar paste like you would with plasticene but nothing pretty.

    Only decor we need to get someone to make/ buy from is a Master sword (to cut the cake) and a Hyrulian shield which is one of the only geeky things agreed upon for the wedding. Our parents will think its lame but we don't care, it will look cool as a backdrop on the wall over the fireplace in the room we will be wed, unsuspecting people will see it as part of the furniture (upgraded old cottage) until we take it down for the cake cutting

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    And goodbye to my wages, enjoy supporting various gravity falls artists while hunting for goods. I love the show a lot and although it ended a long time ago i still enjoy finding new goods based off it, if they are handmade/unofficial all the better as i have discovered they are the best & highest quality stuff out there barring a few exceptions.

    Recently discovered the fantastic illustrations of an artist in Japan who goes by the name of U田 (Uta) gravity falls attracts some amazing artists. Sadly i only discovered her works recently so a lot have now long sold out as they are strictly all handmade in tiny print runs with no reprints but i did managed to get hold of some of her latest stuff from the recently ended toonmix4 convention. She recently released a sugoroku style boardgame where you cut out the pieces sheets to make the player figures for the board however she has just made a set of acrylic figures to replace the card pieces. Needed to have them, love how she does them in hew own unique style yet keeps them show faithful.


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