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    Amazing as ever.

    The three flying birds are stationary though?

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    I knew there'd be a rational, scientific explanation. Carry on.

    It always takes me a good 5 minutes to look at these properly and even then, when I return I see something I missed.

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    Thereís a live bird top left Brad so itís ok.

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    That bird is also dead. Any movement you see is simply your eyes playing tricks on you. All the birds are dead.

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    I brought it back to life, thereís nothing you can do about it, not the others though, they had attitude.

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    Your pictures are like a model village or something.
    Every time you look closely, you see see something new.

    I think you need to pass through the Dogg filter a picture of Robot Detective K...

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    The sky is wonderful in this one, the clouds especially

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    2019's new year pic. HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!


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