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    The Artwork Thread

    Hello all,

    Along with my writing, another passion of mine is my drawing and illustrating. Unfortunately though I’ve recently lost pretty much all of my drive to draw, something I promised myself I would never let happen…

    It can be such a wonderfully hypnotic thing, but recently its seemed more of a chore then a delight.

    Am I alone? Do any of you guys draw but just cant seem to find the will to put pencil (or pen) to paper? Are you having trouble finding time?

    Maybe, I thought, by sharing some of my sketches it could spark intrigue… and then by you guys sharing yours maybe it can help rekindle that missing enthusiasm? At the very least, it would be enlightening to see others artwork and style

    Well, here are a few of mine in no particular order. I think I posted a couple of the dog drawings a while ago, but here they are again. Some of these though are very old, drawn when I was only fifteen! Heh

    18-19 years

    15 - 16 years old

    There's a couple more i'll try to get scanned. Much like my writing, it would be a dream come true to be able to draw and get paid for it, but it seems so difficult getting a job as an illustrator... At the moment when i draw it just feels like im wasting my time. A horrible feeling. Hence, i suppose, why there are so few drawn recently.

    Anyhoo... it would be fantastic to see some of your work

    Kindest regards,
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    At the age of fifteen some of those are VERY impressive really love the old man one, you some fine tallent there mate dont let it go to waste and stop drawing i love to draw but compared to your skill i think i need to practise a tad more

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    yep some of those are excellent to say the least. I wish I had some skill
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    Heh, thank you guys.

    Crimson Day, would be great to see some of your work dude
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    I thought i'd contribute with a picture of Bill Cosby I did

    I worked hard to capture his world weary sadness

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Adam, have you thought about doing pet portraits? Could be a starter for 10.

    A friend of ours is a graphic artist and does muriels for kids bedrooms on the side. he enjoys it and fairly easy money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Stone View Post

    You owe it to yourself, and us to draw her naked.

    Excellent work.

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    Damn, them add on your pics page jus dont seem safe for work lol. But from what i can see, the pics show signs of great skill. A friend of mine does his own comic, have you ever thought about doing stuff like that? You seem to have a natural eye for proportions and can bring out the character of your work with different types of medium.

    Keep it up!


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    Do that clicky-thing on the image only if you are mature enough.

    Will color someday.

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    Love some of them pics man. I've been meaning to post some of my own stuff up for a long while, but like you I haven't had much motivation for it for a while. I'd also kill for a job as an illustrator but I can't see any openings anywhere and wouldn't have a clue where to begin. I love painting just as much as drawing.
    Right, I'll get some stuff up later. Most of my paintings from back in A Level Art are monsters at 8 - 9 ft. wide and are still up on the walls in my old school. I might have to scan some sketches tonight.


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