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Thread: Crackdown (360)

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    Crackdown (360)

    Mine finally turned up today and whilst I've not had a chance to play it yet, I've got a few tidbits of info to tell you. Flicking through the manual told me I can change the in car music with RB+right stick, never knew that. In a true Gta clone fasion there is an included fold out map, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that the demo area was only half the Los muertos district. Regarding the Halo3 beta, you have to boot it from within Crackdown, which means that preowned copies will be rare for a while.

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    Small question, does the track title still come up in the same place when you get into cars etc? (it was a small quibble of mine with the demo but they seemed a bit intrusive where they popped up).

    Also have you had a chance to try out Co-op yet? Is it really jump in and jump out with one character for single player and Co-op or do you have to have separate agents for each play mode?
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    Fair quibble. I thought it was giving you too much info by also letting you know the record company.

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    I'm concerned about the problems I've heard with co-op where only the host gets the achievements, so if after playing it you could tell me thats wrong, that'd be great. Either way I'd like to know, cos that's gonna ruin co-op a bit, since everyone will want to host.

    Regarding the radio, surely the easiest thing to do would be to turn it off and stream your own tunes instead? That's what I do on all these kinds of games now.

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    Righty, been playing it for about an hour. First of all there was a a little disapointed as upon boot up there was almost nothing different from the demo, but I was treated to a nce little intro into the game world which was essentially a series of screenshots stitched together in a graphics novel montage. The best thing about this intro is that the head of the Shanghai-somethings is "The enigmatic Wang".

    Off I go, again rather dissapointingly and against everything I imagined the game to be, the doors of to the other 2 districts wouldn't actually open. AS it turned out, as soon as I approached another district, via it's bridge I was give an intro to that gang, the Volk mainly consist of eastern european illegal immigrants, oooh controversial! I haven't checked yet, but I assume that once you have seen that video, the door in the keep will open.

    As you'd expect you start of statless and off into the world you are set, I deliberately started the game on the ruthless difficulty as I thought this may well make the core game a little more interesting. I was proven correct, within 20 minutes I had died about 4 times, when your strengh is so low you don't have much resistance to fall damage, one misplaced step ontop of a rogue grenade is enoughto throw your corpse high enough so that you die on impact with the floor.
    Its' kinda got me playing the game a little more differently to how I played the demo, it certainly feels much more like a normal game where I am vunerable as I've found myself using the sniper rifle to pop people in the head and making use of scenery to damage groups of enemies. I only realised last night on the demo but if you become a little more accurate with your firearms, the rear section of the car on your aiming HUD actually aims for the fuel cap which will cause a vehicle (even an agency vehicle) to spotaneously explode.

    The Stats seem to increase at different rates, agility initially went up 10 points with each orb I collected, in True RPG fashion the more you level up, the slower you do. Also because the increase in your skills is more progressive that the demo, when you finally level up and you also get a massively noticable boost. The stats also increase depending on the actual skill, firearms and explosives take an absolute age to level , maybe 10x slower than the demo? I was killing people left right and centre for a long time to barely see an increase in the stats.
    It works really well and at the moment it is really making me think about various ways to approach an enemy base.

    The game is constantly saving which is really nice to see, at every major opportunity i.e. hidden orbs, level up, new dossier, new supply point, old supply point. It doesn't judder or stutter at all, which is certainly niec after Viva Pinata's rather intrusive saves.

    To answer you questions Spatial, the Radio seems to be exactly the same as before, although now there is a tracklisting of 105 songs.

    I've not tried co-op yet, but going on what I've read, I'm 99% sure that your character is continuous between Singleplayer and Co-op.
    Last edited by EvilBoris; 14-02-2007 at 06:34 PM.

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    Can you custom map the controls in the full game?

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    I'm pretty sure the full game control options are the same as the demo.

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    My Valentines day Crackdown continued, I can already see the agility stat really starting to crawl now, 1 orb will fill up 3ish notches of the bar, which when fills, adds another 10% to the overall stat. I'm liking the idea of having loads to do in order to really feel the super jumping. 2 stars feels quite comfortably 'super' for the moment. The streets also seem to hold alot more enemies than the demo and they will constantly have cars driving along with a couple of extra guys in them.

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    I don't know whether I'm imagining it , but it seems to look slightly different, the blacks seems blacker. Maybe they turned the brightness down or adjust the colours.

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    I tried to play some games of co-op, but all I got was

    This player is playing singleplayer and has denied your request to join.


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