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Thread: Crackdown (360)

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    I played it for over 4 hours and have only just passed level 3 agility, the other stats will take even longer than that.

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    It's not out yet- and it doesn't have a set date. MS have just said "Spring", unfortunately. Still, means people who buy crackdown have to hang onto it, and give the game a chance instead of just buying into the beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilBoris View Post
    I tried to play some games of co-op, but all I got was

    This player is playing singleplayer and has denied your request to join.
    Does drop in drop out coop really exist in anything. Was pimped for GOW but never worked, and it sounds from that like it's going to be the same situation with this
    Last edited by MartyG; 15-02-2007 at 10:35 AM.

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    Theres problems now but remeber they are releasing a patch on release day to fix issues like this!

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    You do have to wonder why if it is full drop in drop out coop, you would have a menu option to start a coop game and host. Maybe start a coop game and join but why host one when folks can just drop in to your single player game ! knowing me I'm missing the point somewhere though

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    GOW co-op works fine ??? I think the option is there to give people a choice - You might WANT to play in isolation and not have somebody jump into your game at certain points ???

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    Yeah I guess your right, I'm just far to use to starting a single player game after all these years, and had assumed that for ease people would be able to drop into that, not that I would have to make the decision before I played to start a coop game on the offchance that someone would want to join ! I'm sure when I was playing GOW I was still having to use invites to get folks into my coop game though, been a while though and my memory is pretty shot

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    Yeha you did have to invite people in GoW.

    I headed out into Volk territory last night, it was absolute carnage.
    There are warhead carriers driving around the roads as well as numerous petrol stations and oil refinerys.
    Combine this with LOADS of enemies and my newly acquired rocket launcher and you have a recipe for fun.


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