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Thread: Crackdown (360)

  1. #21
    You don't have to invite people in Gears. There's an option to start a co-op game over XBox Live and leave Dom's slot open. I've just done a few acts on Insane supporting total strangers who didn't invite me at all.

  2. #22
    I finally managed to get a game, when someboy tries to join your game, it saves yours and then spawns you both together.
    Not as seemless as Gears it appears, although it did knacker up alf way through.

    I've been mucking around in the Volk and the Shai-gen areas. It is incredible, I've got homing rockets now, the enemies all seem to have different patterns to how they behave and what they do, the volk just seem to float around the street and the Shai-gen members all stand around their corperate building.

  3. #23
    got mine this morning

    no update is available yet (most likely friday) had 5 mins before work and i CANNOT wait to get stuck in.

    Levelling up is way slower but this just makes the exploration that little bit more fun.

  4. #24
    Just watched the second, 1st 10 mins of crackdown over on xboxyde. Really can't wait for this game, just looks pure class. Love the way it gives you you probability percentage for taking out the gangs kingpin, after each hit on a general, had not noticed that before.

    One quick question which I'm sure's been asked already, can you turn the subtitles off ? Throughout the above 10 mins the commentator would be saying things like "look out gang members above" and "warning low armour agent" which is cool, but the fact you get a big subtitle box pop up on the screen at the same time is a bit jarring to me !

  5. #25

    You must be able to, surely? At least I've never seen subtitles for him once on the demo.

    EDIT: I've not watched Xboxyde's videos, by the way.

  6. #26
    They are turned off by default. For anyone who is about to start playing I recommend setting it to ruthless difficulty and making sure you explore the city in full from the off.

  7. #27
    I was going to ask about difficulties - I played the demo on the hardest level (one up from Ruthless?) but taking out the fitness guy was quite a challenge. I don't want to make it too difficult in the latter stages, but at the same time I don't want to finish it within a day.

  8. #28
    It's hard to say. I found the first two bosses pretty reasonable, but after I levelled up my strength and agility I scaled a building and took the third out without any challenge whatsoever.

    This game is ****ing incredible. I played it for 2 hours straight and barely scraped the top of it.

    Rooftop races are excellent fun and range from reasonable to taxing.

    The levelling up is a lot slower after you get to level 2 of anything.

    My god how rewarding is it to chuck a limpet mine on someone, they run off then detonate it only to see them flying high in the air!


  9. #29
    acheivment wise, do you get anything extra for doing ruthless?, how come you guys have it so early, surly the company you bought from will get into trouble for this,

  10. #30
    I still don't have it, mine is not even send....

    is "ruthless" the hardest setting or is it one up from the "normal" setting ?
    I've played the demo always one up from normal.

    and, how is the co-op mode ??


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