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Thread: Crackdown (360)

  1. #861
    Bonus! Just realised I still have the disc (Asian version - region free)!

  2. #862
    Nic Cage emo goth long faced guy FTW.

  3. #863
    Such a great game.

    Anybody else try and drive the 4x4 up the stairs to the top of the highest skyscraper?

  4. #864
    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Such a great game.

    Anybody else try and drive the 4x4 up the stairs to the top of the highest skyscraper?
    Once I was told the SUV could stick to walls I must have spent hours just scaling buildings.
    That’s the first thing I will do when I boot it up.
    Levelling up so I could scale the agency tower still remains one of my favourite things I’ve done in a game.

  5. #865
    That wasn't enough for me, I had to get to the top inside the building, driving that monster truck up the stairs or carrying it past tricky bits. Amazing scenes!

    I rebought this for about 99p, so I might get this going again.

    My biggest fear is failing to find all those agility globes again. I still have one to discover on the 360 and it wakes me from my sleep in a cold sweat some nights.

  6. #866
    Spent about seven hours on this yesterday. Completed the first area. Played a fair bit of it co-op. Such good fun. Looking forward to getting my agility maxed out to tackle the tower.

  7. #867
    I played this on the 360 but must have sold it. Alexander Dumas.

    What's it like for graphicness of violence and dodgy themes? Would it be ok for my 11 year old? I just remember it being a fairly tame shooter with a bit of blood.

  8. #868
    Itís nice Microsoft are doing this for X owners , a real effort, and a great game, but it also shows how strong Microsoft were as a studio on the 360 with some great games, they need to get back to that but doubt they ever will with then One.

  9. #869
    It's an interesting strategy. Sell new, expensive hardware on the back of old games and then you can tell the devs hey, look how many one x we sold. You should make special one x versions of your games.

  10. #870
    This game makes me wanna get an xbox. Great memories.


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