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    your probabily not the only one.

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    We need CoP finishing Tickle, plz get Maria on it.

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    Maria has all stuff ready for 3 paths

    Apart from a gold key which i can get for her tonite.

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    Nice I like. Are we doing Bugbear 1st? If we can arrange it for next time Maria is on I can msg Myrri (RNG, same timezone as Bevan) and let her know when to turn up. She was asking me if we were doing CoP yesterday.

    Plan is to finish CoP and then re-watch ALL the cutscenes so I know what I've been taking part in all this time, hopefully before this update comes out.
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    Any im not too fussed if bev can get on we can prob do some at weekdays if we are ready as each part dont take too long

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    Cool np. Bev not on until 11pm usually but I can stay up until 2ish. I'm not bothered about repeating bits of others need.

    Oh yeah, I forgot Kerushi is in teh static now too! We're just missing a tank now :/

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    Get some tanks rushi!

    Anyway back on topic:

    I hope the Xbox 360 expansion disc comes out at the same time as the others (no reason why it can't simply be DLC). What we should do is make a right event out of it! Everyone books a week off work, we set up three seperate statics within the LS and then cane the arse out of it without guides/spoilers. Let's be some of the first on Seraph to end up with some nice goodies for completion!


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