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    I’ve added the backstory to Dancer that appeared on S-E website yesterday.

    Perhaps most interesting is the female terminology used throughout the text (maidens of the battlefield, heroine etc.) which does suggest that this could be a female only job (contrary to my post above).

    Also, does any else find it slightly worrying that with now less than a month to release and all we really know is that one new job is Dancer and that storyline relates to events in the past?

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    Na i think we wont find out anything else about the story tbh, but i think in the next week or so they will release a new job

    Im worried thou that the fact that its still not anywhere to be seen for buying it....

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    I don’t expect them to tell us much more about the story, but around the month before Aht Urghan and CoP we knew much more information than we know now (information on new zones, game adjustments etc.)

    Just in comparison we know so little about Wings of the Goddess.

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    I think the problem with a lack of info regarding the exp pack compared to the last is related to the times of which the fan festivals were held. Much of what we knew of ToAU we knew earlier because of length of time between release and the FF.

    This year, the FF and WoG's release are that much closer together - there is literally a fortnight at most between the two.

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    Few more reports,

    *The mini Besieged event are called Campagn(ie), some fights mentioned are Jugner Forest/Davoi Defense, Jueno Defense/Counter Attack, Windurst Defense, Xaracard seige.
    *WS officially confirmed, hints towards weapons in the past and some weapons from the present manifesting there powers in the past(nyzul weapons anyone)
    *Dancer is for Male and female
    *Rumoured 2nd job is a tank, name hinted at can be translated as Wrestler/Strongman(suggested names), a strong tank with h2h?

    new mobs, werewolves, ladiesbugs, slugs, gnomes are just some..

    also relic carrying Yag's... be scared

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    Break it down big guy:

    I'm really unsure about what to do with Wings of the Goddess. I've got to admit, since I last played full time in August I've not really missed the game at all. But everytime I feel I'm ready to put the game to bed for good, I see stuff for the new expansion and feel a tinge of excitement.

    Quite conflicting but I really don't want to become a FFXI-only gamer that I was a few months ago but to achieve the level of play that makes me happy, I feel compelled to focus on it.
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