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Thread: Armoury Links

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    Armoury Links

    Everyone post a link to your armoury page so that others can check you out


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    There she be. Going to be ~57 levels or so before you see anything interesting on her though, if past experience is anything to go by.

    And the inevitable Mage.

    (^^ Placeholder, doesn't work at the moment, should do when she hits a certain level.)
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    my lvl 70 paladin

    just come back from a 4 month break from the game so as u can see still playing catch up bigtime with gear

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    gears signifcantly better now, got asked by guild to do a kara run as they needed a pala, ended up walking out with 5 epics from it

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    This is my first Character Shaman when I started the game ages ago. It was fun, but I kind of stopped playing it as they suck in PVP now compared with how they used to be.

    Then i've got my main, which is my Warlock which is really cool.

    My Alliance Priest that I cant be arsed to level anymore.

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    Lvl 70 Priest - Ctuchik
    Lvl 70 Warlock - Whitegold
    Lvl 70 Mage - Duplicity
    Lvl 70 Druid - Annoy

    All Horde of Killrogg

    Have taken a break from wow for the past 2/3 months so i am currently guildless.


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