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    We totally never expected to get this far. This is close to the s4 shoulders requirement ffs, and we're not even in full s3 yet! I still need head + legs. (still using s1 gear! lol)

    Team armoury - #5 place Horde side on our realm <3 <3 <3

    Playing a couple of hours a week is better.

    I'd also like to dedicate the following vid to my kick-ass Discipline Priest partner, Caspersky.

    Now he needs to respec Shadow and me Destruction and then we really get the fires burning, literally.
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    Yo Fallows just seen you in Ghostlands Valley Of honour, looking pretty impressive as Vona!

    Thats a sick head armour.

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    Gah! you should have waved!

    Not long before all this gear is swapped out for the tamer looking season4 attire. ;p I reckon I've gone to the dark side permanently with SL/SL spec though, it feels so damn overpowered vs. multiple melee and combined with my engineering cooldowns gives me a chance vs. Rogues which is sexy time.

    Gonna try recording me vs. an entire 10-man Karazhan raid when I can find one that doesn't have half-decent hunters + shaman. ;/ I can't pull people back far enough and they res too fast just to re-join the fray.


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    Thing is with my character is that I dont have the patience to do BG, I just can't farm honour and then I fall behind in all this season/tier armoursets.

    However, I'm loving fishing in outlands... skill level 305 now! By the way i'm the fat tauren druid i've always been, called Gargette. I used to be in your guild, i remember, how you lot doing? Completed kara? I'm useless in there

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    I got fed up of healers leaving to join already Kara prepped raiding guilds so I basically f**ked off any thoughts of getting into raiding myself and went 100% PvP. After a few BGs with some people I got invited to Arena Vendor (once best PvP guild) where I then got into 2v2 and owned with discipline priest. Arena Vendor went **** so I left with a few others, then that fell apart so I'm now back in my own guild which was a complete mess until I removed every single member. Now it's leet again. ><b

    Back on with 2v2 now but it's hard as hell this season getting anywhere. Double cloth teams don't stand a chance vs the latest melee weaponary. I'm trying to get my priest to go shadow for 2x DPS rather than an outlast setup.

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    Hows Godslaughter doing these days? I'm thinking of leaving Angels Of Mercy because it's gone downhill lately.

    I don't REALLY raid that much as it takes too much time... but I'm looking for a cool guild. Hit me up if you want

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    I'm not playing atm mate, but ask Beefstew or Gingeforlife if you want in inv.

    I'm not sure where they are up to in terms of raiding tbh, the game moves that fast now.

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    how my paladin looks now, apologies for the low res turned it down for the fatal attraction on mother sharaz.

    3 pieces of T6 now, had MH and BT on farm for months now but with WOTLK coming were struggling for raid balance so havent been able to kill Kalecgos

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    This is my brother's screenshot. I've never played it.
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