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    Woo! new critical record!

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    and the worst looking boss ever! lol. Must be a dated one.
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    I never knew you played Yash. I take it you are on the PvP realm with the rest of the old NTSC crew?

    I'm re-rolling on Al'Akir. I'll be fully geared for arena a few days after next wednesdays/thursdays update although I'm having problems finding a capable enough team. All the 2000+ rated teams on my realm are incredibly clique'y. It's looking like I'll be doing 1 vs 2 although I can't even find anyone to sign my team charter to get that off the ground.

    Currently offering 10g to anyone that can beat me 1v1 outside Org and only lost 30g so far, and I'm still in lvl60 epics for the time being. Warriors/Warlocks being the biggest problems. Desperate times indeed.

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    wouldnt it be better server transfering to a more established server rather completely rerolling on a pvp server and starting from lvl 1.

    Over on draenor (pve) theres always tons of people looking for arena teams, theres also 2 good pvp guilds on horde side. and horde raiding guilds are destorying alliance. 3 furtherest guilds are all horde 2 of which have illidan on farm and one (my old guild) are working on killing illidan

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    Nothing that impressive, just love how orcs look in SM gear
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    I thought about posting some screens of my warlock last night but then I noticed the servers were down

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    New crit record for both those spells! :O Backlash makes my next Incinerate insta-cast, so both those spells hit within about 0.1 secs of each other. Poor warrior, I checked his HP on the armoury afterwards and I practically one-shotted him there. ><

    Me character:

    Riding me favourite mount in AV:
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    WoW armoury bugged or are you really using a 57 green helm? If you are, may I suggest an upgreade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malavon View Post
    WoW armoury bugged or are you really using a 57 green helm? If you are, may I suggest an upgreade?
    Nah, it's cool as hell. I'm actually after an Outlander's Facewrap of Fiery Wrath and regularly offer a handsome sum in trade for one. Looks > Stats when Fallows is in on something.

    Next head piece upgrade will be Vengeful Glad. Felweave Cowl if my 5v5 team permits me to carry on as 0/7/54, which I've yet to prove as being useful in 5v5. I just hope we're fighting people from 1500-1850 with low resilience. If I need to respec to SL/SL or UA I'll probably quit the game through boredom after about 2 days, there's only so much my '1' key can take.
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